Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

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In addition to conducting ALSO courses, the AAFP also approves various organizations to sponsor courses using the ALSO curriculum throughout the year in locations across the United States.

How to Register for a Course

The following is a listing of sponsors offering ALSO Courses. To find out more and to register for any of the courses, please contact the Course Coordinator for each course.

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ALSO Instructor Courses

2017 Also Instructor Courses

Jul 18

Denver, CO

Course Sponsor: American Academy of Family Physicians
Phone: (800) 274-2237
Course Contact: Director: Robyn Brumble; Coordinator: Jennifer Head
Information & Registration

ALSO Provider Courses

2016 ALSO Provider Courses

Oct 27

Klamath Falls, OR

Course Sponsor: Sky Lakes Medical Center
Phone: (541) 274-4161
Course Contact: Director: Wendy Warren; Coordinator: Amee Hartwell
Information & Registration:

Oct 28

Hayward, WI

Course Sponsor: Hayward Area Memorial Hospital
Phone: 715-934-4210
Course Contact: Director: Rachael Chambers; Coordinator: Tracy Jensen
Information & Registration:

Nov 8

Lancaster, WI

Course Sponsor: Grant Regional Health Center
Phone: (608) 723-3271
Course Contact: Director: Dr. Jessica Varman; Coordinator: Misty Koeller, MS, RN
Information & Registration:

Nov 10

Denver, CO

Course Sponsor: University of Colorado Dept. of Family Medicine
Phone: (303) 724-9731
Course Contact: Director: Amy Tubay, MD; Coordinator: Regina Garrison
Information & Registration:

Nov 12

Anchorage, AK

Course Sponsor: Alaska Academy of Family Physicians
Phone: (907) 258-2255
Course Contact: Director: Ellen Hodges, MD; Coordinator: Marilyn Dodd
Information & Registration:

Nov 17

Flemington, NJ

Course Sponsor: Network of Affiliated FMRs
Phone: (732) 235-4200
Course Contact: Director: William J. Kaval, MD; Coordinator: J. Anna Looney, PhD
Information & Registration:

Nov 30

Beaver Dam, WI

Course Sponsor: Beaver Dam Community Hospitals, Inc.
Phone: (920) 339-6086
Course Contact: Director: Cindy Stippich MSN, CNM; Coordinator: Dianne Fashun
Information & Registration:

Dec 1

Casper, WY

Course Sponsor: University of WY - Casper Family Medicine Residency Program
Phone: (307) 232-6058
Course Contact: Director: Brian Veauthier, MD; Coordinator: Lisa Gable
Information & Registration:

Dec 2

Silver City, NM

Course Sponsor: Hidalgo Medical Services
Phone: (575) 597-2726
Course Contact: Director: Joyce Troxler; Coordinator: Jade Zamora
Information & Registration:

Dec 8

Lebanon, NH

Course Sponsor: Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Phone: (603) 653-1766
Course Contact: Director: Joan Barthold, MD; Coordinator: Victoria Flanagan, RN, MS
Information & Registration:

2017 ALSO Provider Courses

Jan 5

Malden, MA

Course Sponsor: Tufts Family Medicine Residency Program
Phone: (781) 338-0550
Course Contact: Director: Abigail Love, MD, MPH; Coordinator: Janell Corbett
Information & Registration:

Feb 2

Portland, OR

Course Sponsor: OHSU Family Medicine
Phone: (503) 494-5418
Course Contact: Director: Jessica Flynn, MD; Coordinator: Maria Sampson
Information & Registration:

Feb 11

Pittsburg, CA

Course Sponsor: Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
Phone: (925) 370-5045
Course Contact: Director: Lisa Rodelo, MD; Coordinator: Tami Sloan
Information & Registration:

Feb 11

Ventura, CA

Course Sponsor: VCMC Family Medicine Residency
Phone: (805) 652-6228
Course Contact: Director: Kristi Schoeld, MD; Coordinator: Yvette Cortez
Information & Registration:

Feb 16

Loveland, CO

Course Sponsor:Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency Program, UCHealth
Phone: 970-495-8878
Course Contact: Director: Kristin Andreen; Coordinator: Brittany Kaufman
Information & Registration:

Feb 17

Chicago, IL

Course Sponsor: University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Family Medicine
Phone: (312) 996-8209
Course Contact: Directors: Tabatha Wells, MD & Yvette Gross, MD; Coordinator: Perry Clark
Information & Registration:

Mar 2

Mauston, WI

Course Sponsor: Mile Bluff Medical Center
Phone: (608) 847-1496
Course Contact: Director: Angela Gatzke-Plamann, MD; Coordinator: Norma Miller
Information & Registration:

Mar 8

Rootstown, OH

Course Sponsor: Northeast Ohio Medical University
Phone: (330) 325-6172
Course Contact: Director: Melanie Bortell, DO; Coordinator: Mary Sherman
Information & Registration:

Mar 10

Boise, ID

Course Sponsor: Family Medicine Residency of Idaho
Phone: (208) 954-8743
Course Contact: Director: Kim Stutzman, MD; Coordinator: Mary Ball
Information & Registration:

Apr 8

Tuba City, AZ

Course Sponsor: Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation
Phone: (928) 283-2501 ext 42021
Course Contact: Director: Dr. Amanda Leib; Coordinator: Geri Ray
Information & Registration:

ALSO Refresher Courses

2017 ALSO Refresher Course

Mar 11

Portland, OR

Course Sponsor: Oregon Academy of Family Physicians
Phone: (503) 528-0961
Course Contact: Director: Jonathan Vinson, MD; Coordinator: Kerry Gonzales
Information & Registration:

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