Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

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In addition to conducting ALSO courses, the AAFP also approves various organizations to sponsor courses using the ALSO curriculum throughout the year in locations across the United States.

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The following is a listing of sponsors offering ALSO Courses. To find out more and to register for any of the courses, please contact the Course Coordinator for each course.

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ALSO Instructor Courses

2017 Also Instructor Courses

Jun 12

Fayetteville, NC

Course Sponsor: Southern Regional AHEC
Phone: (910) 323-1152
Course Contact: Director: Dr. Tammy Donoway; Coordinator: Jennifer Borton
Information & Registration:

Jun 17

Asheville, NC

Course Sponsor: Mountain Area Health Education Center
Phone: (828) 257-4414
Course Contact: Director: Julia Oat-Judge, MD; Coordinator: Elaine Alexander
Information & Registration:

Jul 18

Denver, CO

Course Sponsor: American Academy of Family Physicians
Phone: (800) 274-2237
Course Contact: Director: Robyn Brumble; Coordinator: Jennifer Head
Information & Registration

Sep 12

San Antonio, TX

Course Sponsor: American Academy of Family Physicians
Phone: (800) 274-2237
Course Contact: Director: Robyn Brumble; Coordinator: Jennifer Head
Information & Registration

ALSO Provider Courses

2017 ALSO Provider Courses

Jan 20

Lake Success, NY

Course Sponsor: Northwell Health - Department of Family Medicine and Department of OBS & Gynecology
Phone: (631) 665-0305
Course Contact: Director: Tochi Iroku-Malize, MD; Coordinator: Maria Massot
Information & Registration:

Feb 2

Portland, OR

Course Sponsor: OHSU Family Medicine
Phone: (503) 494-5418
Course Contact: Director: Jessica Flynn, MD; Coordinator: Maria Sampson
Information & Registration:

Feb 3

Lancaster, PA

Course Sponsor: Lancaster General Hospital
Phone: (717) 544-1884
Course Contact: Director: Heidi Kistler, MD; Coordinator: Sara DeMeo
Information & Registration:

Feb 9

St. Paul, MN

Course Sponsor: University of Minnesota, Department of Family Medicine
Phone: (612) 626-3124
Course Contact: Director: Manuel Idrogo, MD; Coordinator: Steven Malikowski, PhD
Information & Registration:

Feb 11

Pittsburg, CA

Course Sponsor: Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
Phone: (925) 370-5045
Course Contact: Director: Lisa Rodelo, MD; Coordinator: Patricia Harris-Spruell
Information & Registration:

Feb 11

Ventura, CA

Course Sponsor: VCMC Family Medicine Residency
Phone: (805) 652-6228
Course Contact: Director: Kristi Schoeld, MD; Coordinator: Yvette Cortez
Information & Registration:

Feb 16

Loveland, CO

Course Sponsor:Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency Program, UCHealth
Phone: 970-495-8878
Course Contact: Director: Kristin Andreen; Coordinator: Brittany Kaufman
Information & Registration:

Feb 17

Chicago, IL

Course Sponsor: University of Illinois at Chicago Department of Family Medicine
Phone: (312) 996-8209
Course Contact: Directors: Tabatha Wells, MD & Yvette Gross, MD; Coordinator: Perry Clark
Information & Registration:

Feb 23

Salinas, CA

Course Sponsor: Natividad Medical Center
Phone: (831) 783-2570
Course Contact: Director: Ana Abril Arias, MD; Coordinator: Claudia Tovar
Information & Registration:

Mar 2

Mauston, WI

Course Sponsor: Mile Bluff Medical Center
Phone: (608) 847-1496
Course Contact: Director: Angela Gatzke-Plamann, MD; Coordinator: Norma Miller
Information & Registration:

Mar 8

Rootstown, OH

Course Sponsor: Northeast Ohio Medical University
Phone: (330) 325-6172
Course Contact: Director: Melanie Bortell, DO; Coordinator: Mary Sherman
Information & Registration:

Mar 10

Boise, ID

Course Sponsor: Family Medicine Residency of Idaho
Phone: (208) 954-8743
Course Contact: Director: Kim Stutzman, MD; Coordinator: Mary Ball
Information & Registration:

Mar 31

Las Cruces, NM

Course Sponsor: Memorial Medical Center
Phone: (575) 521-5378
Course Contact: Director: Dolores Gomez, MD; Coordinator: John Kutinac
Information & Registration:

Apr 8

Tuba City, AZ

Course Sponsor: Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation
Phone: (928) 283-2501 ext 42021
Course Contact: Director: Dr. Amanda Leib; Coordinator: Geri Ray
Information & Registration:

Apr 26

Viroqua, WI

Course Sponsor: Vernon Memorial Healthcare
Phone: (608) 637-4231
Course Contact: Director: Shawn Sedgwick; Coordinator: Jackie Krueger
Information & Registration:

Apr 27

Rochester, MN

Course Sponsor: Mayo Clinic Department of Family Medicine
Phone: (507) 284-5919
Course Contact: Director: Matthew Meunier, MD; Coordinator: Shelly Clark
Information & Registration:

Apr 27

Pittsburgh, PA

Course Sponsor: UPMC St. Margaret
Phone: (412) 784-7672
Course Contact: Director: Karen Moyer, MD; Coordinator: Paula Preisach
Information & Registration:

Apr 28

Santa Rosa, CA

Course Sponsor: Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency
Phone: (707) 583-8801
Course Contact: Director: Erin Lund, MD; Coordinator: Alina Gomenyuk
Information & Registration:

May 11

Fresno, CA

Course Sponsor: UCSF Fresno
Phone: (559) 499-6450
Course Contact: Director: Shruti Joseph, MD; Coordinator: Catherine Dunlap
Information & Registration:

Jun 15

Columbia, MO

Course Sponsor: University of Missouri
Phone: (573) 884-2912
Course Contact: Director: Margaret Day, MD; Coordinator: Juliet Bedell
Information & Registration:

Jun 28

Provo, UT

Course Sponsor: Utah Valley Family Medicine
Phone: (801) 357-7686
Course Contact: Director: Aaron Starbuck, MD; Coordinator: Angela Elleman
Information & Registration:

Aug 17

Houston, TX

Course Sponsor: Baylor College of Medicine
Phone: (713) 798-3747
Course Contact: Director: Dr. Anjali Aggarwal; Coordinator: Gabriella Trevino
Information & Registration:

Aug 24

St. Paul, MN

Course Sponsor: Allina Health
Phone: (651) 241-1004
Course Contact: Director: Kathleen Macken, MD; Coordinator: Maggie Dickman
Information & Registration:

ALSO Refresher Courses

2017 ALSO Refresher Courses

Mar 11

Portland, OR

Course Sponsor: Oregon Academy of Family Physicians
Phone: (503) 528-0961
Course Contact: Director: Jonathan Vinson, MD; Coordinator: Kerry Gonzales
Information & Registration:

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