Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

Sponsor an ALSO® Instructor Course

Comprehensive, Interactive Learning

The ALSO Instructor Course is designed to teach current ALSO Providers the skills and knowledge needed to effectively facilitate lectures and workstations at an ALSO Provider Course.

 Sponsor a Course in Four Simple Steps

Sponsoring an instructor course may appear daunting at first. Here are four easy steps to help simplify the process:

View ALSO Instructor Course requirements for more details »(17 page PDF)

STEP 1: Complete the ALSO Instructor Course request form.

Upon faculty verification and approval, you will receive a course approval email with further instructions.

STEP 2: Complete a no-fee AAFP CME application.

After your course request has been approved, you will be eligible to apply for CME credit for your course. Approval can take up to four weeks. Learn more about CME/CNE approval >>

STEP 3: Complete the ALSO product order form.

You will receive course materials one to two weeks after your order has been received. Don't forget to allow time for participants to receive the instructor manuals—at least one month prior to course start date.

STEP 4: Complete participant and faculty form after the course.

Include your CME application number when submitting forms to ALSO staff. Once forms are received, you will receive a Letter of Participation and CME credit.

Course Requirements

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the ALSO Instructor Course, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss educational tools that can be used when giving feedback to ALSO course participants.
  • Describe how to assist participants in dealing with questions and conflicts that can occur during the workstations that utilize PowerPoint, such as Fetal Surveillance and Obstetric Cases slides.
  • Demonstrate teaching capabilities by providing hands-on role-playing utilizing maternal-fetal mannequins along with timely feedback in order to adapt teaching methods to various situations.
  • Demonstrate how to give a lecture by leading a lecture and receive feedback from faculty and other participants that can be used to enhance lecture performance.
Instructor leads Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics course

Apply to Sponsor an ALSO Instructor Course

Download the Course Request Form. Submit your completed form to begin the process.

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Course Participant Prerequisites

Course participants must have current ALSO Provider status while attending the course.

Class Size Recommendations

The small class size of each Instructor Course is reflective of the faculty-intensive and “hands-on” nature of the course. Maximum recommended course size is 60 participants.

Lectures and Workstations


  • Welcome and Adult Learning
  • Improving Lecture Skills
  • Integrating ALSO Content with Mannequins
  • How to Give Feedback During Workstations: Faculty Role Play


  • Teaching Small Workstations with Mannequins
  • Combining Maternal Resuscitation and Postpartum Hemorrhage
  • Teaching a Lecture Using the ALSO Slides
  • How to Teach the OB Cases and Intrapartum Fetal Surveillance
  • How to Perform the Mega-delivery Testing Station
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Please contact us.

Jenn Head
(800) 274-2237 ext. 6552