Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

ALSO® Course Budget and Promotion

Budget and Financial Arrangements

The ALSO course director is responsible for the course's financial arrangements and takes all financial risk. A budget worksheet(80 KB XLS)(99 KB XLS) is available to help the course director determine the course's projected revenue and expenses.

Facutly Expenses and Honoraria

The course director decides which faculty expenses (transportation, lodging, meals) will be covered by the course and what faculty honoraria will be offered. The ALSO Advisory Board recommends the following faculty honoraria: 

  • Advisory Faculty: $500 - $750
  • Approved Instructor: $500
  • Instructor Candidate: $350 - $500
  • Other Faculty: $300

Budget and Promotion Forms

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Commercial Support

In keeping with the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support of Continuing Medical Education and the Kansas Board of Nursing operational requirements for commercial support, funds from a commercial source should be in the form of an educational grant for the support of programming and the terms, conditions and purposes of such grants should be documented by a signed agreement.

Any commercial support must be acknowledged in printed materials, including the course brochure and course handouts, though reference must not be made to specific products. 

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

CME faculty and the coordinating institution's affiliations and relationships with commercial supporters should be disclosed to participants in program materials prior to the educational activities or from the podium. In compliance with the ACCME Standards and the ANCC COA/KSBN operational standards, copies of all faculty conflict of interest/disclosures must be kept on file with the course sponsor.

Course Promotion

Please note: While promoting an ALSO Provider Course, the course director must agree to abide by all copyright and trademark laws as they apply to the ALSO name, logo, and course materials. The ALSO acronym and logo may only be used for course promotion. Any other use such as gift items or give-away items (e.g., mugs, t-shirts, buttons) requires written approval in advance from the AAFP.

ALSO Promotional Brochure

A promotional brochure for the course must be designed, produced and sent to potential attendees at least 3-6 months prior to course. The brochure will also be uploaded in the online CME application and a copy emailed to the ALSO staff if the course is open to nurses, per the Kansas State Board of Nursing requirements.

A standard ALSO course brochure template(2 page DOC) is available and must be used when creating the course brochure.

The brochure must contain the following: 

  • Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule (including lecture/workstation titles and time frames)
  • Course Disclaimer
  • Faculty Roster

Use of CME Credit Statement

Use of exact CME credit statement language is required on all course promotional materials.

Learn more about obtaining CME credit, and the required statements for promotional materials »