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Genetics Update

Edition #396 | May 2012

Cover: FP Essentials #396 Genetics Update

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In This Edition

  • Describe how to obtain and document a family history to help identify genetic disorders and diseases with genetic predisposition.
  • Discuss different types of genetic testing (ie, population screening; prenatal, diagnostic, predictive, carrier testing) and match clinical scenarios with appropriate testing strategies.
  • Identify 2 situations in which genetic testing might not provide a definitive diagnosis.
  • Define the 4 phenotypes of cytochrome P450 drug-metabolizing enzyme activity that patients can display, and identify the clinical significance and functional effect of each type.
  • Using warfarin as an example, summarize how genetic variation can affect drug targets.
  • Describe the role of genetic testing in identification and genotyping of infectious disease as it relates to diagnosis and treatment decisions.
  • Describe the ethical considerations related to and arguments for and against genetic testing in children.
  • Summarize the legal limits on use of genetic information.
  • Summarize the concept of a microbiome and how the intestinal microbiome might be related to obesity.
  • Describe expression profiling and its use in predicting prognosis and selecting treatment in specific disease states, such as cancer.
  • Discuss ways that an electronic health record can integrate family history, demographics, medical history, and clinical findings with genetic test results to perform clinical decision support and help provide better, safer, and more effective individualized care.
  • Describe the multiple factors in a complex condition, as referred to in genetics.

CME Credit

Approved for 5 AAFP Prescribed credits; 5 AMA PRA Category 1 credits™. Credit valid through May 31, 2014.

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