Direct Primary Care Track

Can Direct Primary Care Free Family Physicians From The “Hamster Wheel”?

Build your knowledge about Direct Primary Care. Attend each of three CME and four Expanding Learning sessions for a learning experience that is sequential and cumulative.

The Direct Primary Care (DPC) model represents a paradigm shift that promotes the physician-patient relationship and rewards family physicians for caring for the whole person, while reducing their dependence on third-party payers.

Learn more about the DPC model and explore how you can leverage DPC to regain control over how, and why, you practice family medicine.

CME Sessions
1 AAFP Prescribed CME Credit available for each Interactive Lecture session

  • Introduction to Direct Primary Care: An Alternative to Fee-for-Service
  • Reinventing the Physician/Patient Relationship through Direct Primary Care
  • Advanced Care Management & Population-based care in Direct Primary Care Model

 Expanded Learning Sessions

  • Announcing New AAFP Resources to Support Family Physicians in DPC Transformation
  • Positioning Your DPC Practice for Success: Identifying Key Regulatory and Compliance Roadblocks
  • The State of DPC Advocacy & National Regulatory Issues for DPC Physicians
  • Establishing DPC Benefit Plans with Local Employers & Other Group Purchasers