Heidi Allespach, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor / Director of Behavioral Medicine, Department of Family Medicine & Community Health; Assistant Director, Multispecialty Learning Initiative in Graduate Medical Education, Office of Graduate Medical Education, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami

Assembly Sessions – Population-based Care: Chronic Opioid Therapy: Effective, Safe, and Rational Prescribing Practices, CME163, CME164; Psychogenic: Mood Disorders, Depression, and Bipolar: DSM5 - What You Need to Know Now, CME199, CME200; Psychogenic: New Drugs of Abuse: An Update, CME201, CME202; Psychogenic: Substance Abuse and Addiction: Management in Primary Care, CME203, CME204

Dr. Allespach is a clinical psychologist who specializes in medical/health psychology. For the past 15 years, she has focused on the training and supervision of family medicine residents, physician faculty, medical residents from other specialty areas, and counselors. Dr. Allespach’s primary areas of interest are chronic pain, addiction, physician wellness, and office-based cognitive behavioral stress-management interventions. She has published numerous articles and lectured extensively on chronic, nonmalignant pain and addiction, among others. Dr. Allespach believes that, despite the challenges that modern-day practice poses, family physicians can still enjoy meaningful connections with their patients.