David Koo, MD

Assistant Director, Florida Hospital Family Medicine Residency

Assembly Sessions - Hematology/Immune: Adult Anemia: Taming Sea Monsters, CME057, CME058; Hematology/Immune: Infectious Disease & Hematology PBL: Discussion Session, CME291; Hematology/Immune: Pediatric Anemia: The Mystery, CME067, CME068

Dr. Koo has been involved in medical teaching for the past 15 years. He worked for 11 years in rural practice and was faculty at Florida Hospital Family Medicine Residency for almost three years. His current role focuses mainly on inpatient medicine. He has received high marks as an Assembly presenter-much of them for his visual presentation style, which includes graphic design, video editing, and 3D modeling. "There is something magical," he says, "about the blending of visual arts with medicine." He also writes a blog (familypracticepearls.com) offering "practical tips learned from other doctors about being a doctor."