Edward J. Shahady, MD

Medical Director, Florida Academy of Family Physicians Foundation Diabetes Master Clinician Program; Physician

[David Koo]

Assembly Sessions - Cardiovascular: Cardiac PBL: Discussion Session, CME270; Cardiovascular: Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction: Recent Advances, CME013, CME014; Endocrine: Diabetes Complications: Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment, CME029, CME030; Population-based Care: Preparing Yourself, Your Family, Your Staff, and Your Patients for Retirement, CME178

Dr. Shahady is a family physician practicing in Fernandina Beach, FL. He is board certified in clinical lipidology. Dr. Shahady has taught for 43 years and teaches family physicians in Florida and five other states to care for patients with diabetes, hypertension, and lipid disorders via an Internet-based diabetes registry that provides report cards for patients and the practice. The registry enables clinicians to practice population-based and evidenced-based medicine. Dr. Shahady has written 180 articles and five books on a variety of medical topics, and has received the Secretary of Health of Florida Award and Distinguished Alumni awards from Wheeling Jesuit University and West Virginia University School of Medicine.