Adam Sorscher, MD

Staff Physician, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center; Medical Director, Sleep Health Center at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital

Assembly Session – Neurologic: Sleep Disorders and Insomnia: Oh, One More Thing Doc, I'm Not Sleeping Well, CME143, CME144; Psychogenic: Childhood Sleep Disturbances, CME195, CME196; Respiratory: Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Choices in Sleep Apnea, CME243, CME244

Dr. Sorscher is a full-time clinician in Lebanon, New Hampshire, dividing his time equally between family medicine and sleep medicine. The central organizing principle in his approach to medical practice is, “there are seldom right and wrong answers, only options.” He believes that the most important trend in his field of expertise is the growing recognition that sufficient sleep (both quality and quantity) is necessary for optimal physiological functioning. Dr. Sorscher has been a popular presenter at Assembly, and has gained further acclaim as a "singing doctor." For evidence, search YouTube for "Adam Sorscher sings."