Robert Taylor, MD, FAAFP

Professor Emeritus, Department of Family Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University, School of Medicine; Professor, Family and Community Medicine, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Assembly Session – Population-Based Care: Leadership as a Learned Skill, CME173

Dr. Taylor, professor emeritus of family medicine at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), now lives in Virginia Beach, VA. His specialty topics are physicians as leaders and medical writing. He has written and edited 27 books, 102 textbook chapters and monographs, and 195 research papers, review articles, and other publications. Recent awards include a Continuing Medical Education Distinguished Faculty Award from OHSU; the AAFP Thomas Johnson award; the John G. Walsh Award for Lifetime Contributions to Family Medicine; and the F. Marian Bishop Leadership Award. Dr. Taylor believes that family medicine's most critical challenge is staying true to family medicine values in the face of administrative burdens and increasing government regulation of health care.