2014 Assembly Handouts


Acute Coronary Syndrome and Angina (Advanced): Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (CME001-002)(27 page PDF)

Acute Coronary Syndrome and Angina (Fundamentals): Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart (CME003-004)(32 page PDF)

Adult and Elderly Hypertension: I Got Pressure (CME005-006)(19 page PDF)

Adult Heart Murmurs: Musings of a Stethoscope (CME007-008)(9 page PDF)

Advanced Cardiac Imaging and Stress Testing (CME009-010)(7 page PDF)

Arrhythmias and Dysrhythmias (CME011-012)(21 page PDF)

Cardiac PBL: Discussion Session (CME267-275)(46 page PDF)

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction: Recent Advances (CME013-014)(10 page PDF)

Electrocardiography: EKGs - Some Go Up, and Some Go Down (CME017-018)(18 page PDF)

Heart Failure: Update - Pump It Up! (CME015-016)(18 page PDF)

Pediatric Heart Murmurs: Evaluation (CME019-020)(8 page PDF)

Preoperative Evaluation Not-Too-Risky Business (CME021-022)(20 page PDF)

Syncope: No Need to Pass Out, It's Just Syncope! (CME023-024)(16 page PDF)


Diabetes (Advanced): Challenging Cases in Diabetes Care (CME025-026)(10 page PDF)

Diabetes and Pregnancy Update (CME027-028)(8 page PDF)

Diabetes Complications Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment (CME029-030)(10 page PDF)

Diabetes Mellitus Screening and Diagnosis: Early Catch Saves The Day (CME031-032)(14 page PDF)

Diabetes Mellitus Treatment: Risk Reduction Through Optimal Treatment (CME033-034)(18 page PDF)

Hyperthyroidism: Family Medicine (CME035-036)(8 page PDF)

Hypogonadism (Male): Evidence-Based Management (CME037-038)(8 page PDF)

Hypothyroidism It's a Drag (CME039-040)(19 page PDF)

Metabolic PBL: Discussion Session (CME284-290)(29 page PDF)

Obesity (CME041-042)(17 page PDF)


Abdominal Pain and Acute Abdomen Emergent and Urgent Care (CME043-044)(16 page PDF)

Celiac Disease: An Easy to Absorb Overview (CME045-046)(8 page PDF)

Colorectal Cancer: Going After #2 (CME047-048)(8 page PDF)

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and Dyspepsia Evidence-Based Update (CME049-050)(10 page PDF)

Hepatitis B: Prevention, Treatment, and Surveillance (CME051-052)(6 page PDF)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: The ABCs of IBD (CME053-054)(7 page PDF)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Evidence-Based Approach (CME055-056)(9 page PDF)


Adult Anemia: Taming Sea Monsters (CME057-058)(27 page PDF)

Anticoagulation Management Update: The Old, the New and the Bad (CME059-060)(12 page PDF)

Chikungunya Virus Outbreak (CME337-338)(12 page PDF)

Ebola (CME393-394)(15 page PDF)

Emerging Infections and Infectious Disease: Suspect It! 2014 (CME061-062)(9 page PDF)

Immunization Update: Improving Immunizations in 2014 (CME063-064)(9 page PDF)

Infectious Disease & Hematology PBL: Discussion Session (CME291-297)(33 page PDF)

Leukemia and Multiple Myeloma (CME065-066)(9 page PDF)

Pediatric Anemia: The Mystery (CME067-068)(28 page PDF)

Resurgence of Common Preventable "Childhood Illness" (CME339-340)(9 page PDF)


Aesthetic Procedures (CME071-072)(14 page PDF)

Atopic Dermatitis, Contact Dermatitis, and Eczema (Rashes) (CME073-074)(12 page PDF)

Benign Skin Tumors (CME075-076)(8 page PDF)

Diabetic and Venous Stasis Ulcer Management (CME077-078)(7 page PDF)

Skin Cancer Update (CME079-080)(20 page PDF)

Wound Care Management: The Essentials (CME081-082)(9 page PDF)


Ankle and Foot Injuries: Sprains and Masquerades (CME083-084)(12 page PDF)

Atraumatic Knee Pain (CME085-086)(15 page PDF)

Back Pain: An Evidence-Based Approach to Mechanical Low Back Pain (CME087-088)(16 page PDF)

Casting and Splinting of Soft Tissue Injuries and Fractures: Fracture Management Cases (CME089-090)(18 page PDF)

Cervical Spine (C-Spine) Injuries and Issues (CME091-092)(15 page PDF)

Degenerative Joint Disease: The Pain of Aging: Osteoarthritis (CME093-094)(11 page PDF)

Elbow, Wrist, and Hand Injuries (CME095-096)(13 page PDF)

Exercise Prescriptions: Strength Training and Overall Health (CME097-098)(13 page PDF)

Geriatric Hip Fracture and Osteoporosis Brittle Bones (CME099-100)(12 page PDF)

Limping Pediatric Diagnosis and Orthopedics: The Limping Child (CME101-102)(10 page PDF)

Musculoskeletal & Head Injury PBL: Discussion Session  (CME276-283)(36 page PDF)

Musculoskeletal Examination Techniques (CME103-104)(12 page PDF)

Musculoskeletal Imaging Modalities: What to Order, When (CME105-106)(13 page PDF)

Musculoskeletal Manipulation (CME107-108)(10 page PDF)

Out & About: Musculoskeletal & Head Injury (CME450-451)(32 page PDF)

Physical Therapy Prescriptions (CME109-110)(12 page PDF)

Preparticipation Screening: 10 Commandments Thou Shalt Keep (CME111-112)(9 page PDF)

Return to Play Guidelines (CME113-114)(9 page PDF)

Shoulder Injuries: A Systematic Approach to Common Problems In the Office (CME115-116)(13 page PDF)

Sprains, Strains, and Dislocations: Evidence-Based Treatments for Lower Extremity Injuries (CME117-118)(17 page PDF)

Sprains, Strains, and Dislocations: Evidence-Based Treatments for Upper Extremity Injuries (CME119-120)(18 page PDF)

Traumatic Knee Injuries Evaluation and Care of the Acutely Injured Knee (CME121-122)(11 page PDF)


Acute Kidney Injury/Acute Renal Failure Do Your Lytes Work? (CME123-124)(13 page PDF)

Chronic Kidney Disease and End-stage Renal Disease (CME125-126)(8 page PDF)

Kidney Stones: Nephrolithaisis and Urolithiasis (CME127-128)(14 page PDF)

Pediatric Dehydration (CME129-130)(7 page PDF)

Urge Incontinence, Detrusor Instability, and Overactive Bladder Urge Incontinence? (CME131-132)(17 page PDF)

Urinary Tract Infections (Adult) (CME133-134)(9 page PDF)

Urinary Tract Infections (Pediatric) (CME135-136)(6 page PDF)


Concussions and Neurocognitive Assessment: The Headaches and Confusions (CME137-138)(10 page PDF)

Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment (CME139-140)(8 page PDF)

Sleep Disorders and Insomnia: Oh, One More Thing Doc, I'm Not Sleeping Well (CME143-144)(6 page PDF)

Stroke and Cerebrovascular Accident (CME145-146)(10 page PDF)

Patient-based Care

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Issues: Addressing Healthcare Disparities & Invisibility (CME147-148)(14 page PDF)

Hospice Care and End-of-Life Issues (including Advance Directives): Improving Primary Care (CME149-150)(14 page PDF)

Improving Quality and Health Outcomes for All: The Family Physician and the Social Determinants of Health (CME259-260)(10 page PDF)

Medical Malpractice: Anatomy of Medical Errors (CME151-152)(12 page PDF)

Medical Marijuana: What You Need to Know (CME169-170)(9 page PDF)

Physician Suicide 101: Secrets, Lies & Solutions (CME391-392)(7 page PDF)

Polypharmacy in the Elderly: I Rattle When I Walk (CME153-154)(7 page PDF)

Professional Self-Care: Physician Heal Thyself (CME155-156)(11 page PDF)

Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Use Prevention (CME157-158)(8 page PDF)

Well-Child Care Putting Evidence Into Practice (CME159-160)(7 page PDF)

Well-Newborn Care (CME161-162)(11 page PDF)

Population-based Care

AAFP’s Choosing Wisely Campaign Update (CME253-254)(13 page PDF)

Accountable Care Organizations (CME309-310)(7 page PDF)

Advanced Care Management & Population-Based Care in the Direct Primary Care Model (CME261-262)(4 page PDF)

An Integrated Practice Model of Care for Traumatic Brian Injury and Psychological Health Issues (CME395)(7 page PDF)

General Session: Burnout, Happiness and Finding Your Path in the Midst of Change (CME352)(18 page PDF)

Career Transitions PBL: Discussion Session (CME303-308)(11 page PDF)

Chronic Opioid Therapy Effective, Safe, and Rational Prescribing Practices (CME163-164)(10 page PDF)

Computerized Medical Applications: Safe Practice with Healthcare Technology (CME165-166)(9 page PDF)

Data Analytics and Performance Metrics for Small Practices: (CME311-321)(4 page PDF)

Five Key Metrics for Financial Success in Your Practice (CME323-324)(5 page PDF)

Genetic Testing and Counseling Is it in the Gene's? (CME167-168)(11 page PDF)

Getting All You Deserve in an Employment Contract (CME315-316)(10 page PDF)

General Session: Health Care in an Information Age: How Doctors, Nurses and Consumers Can Make One Another Better (CME351)(1 page PDF)

ICD-10: Get Started and Be Ready (CME317-318)(5 page PDF)

ICD-10: Major Differences for Top Diagnoses (CME319-320)(7 page PDF)

Improving Your Practice's Financial Health (CME321-322)(5 page PDF)

Integrative Medicine: The Science and Clinical Applications (CME171-172)(15 page PDF)

Introduction to Direct Primary Care: An Alternative to Fee-for-Service (CME263-264)(8 page PDF)

Leadership as a Learned Skill (CME173)(6 page PDF)

Maintenance of Certification (MOC): Best Approach and Time Saving Opportunities (CME174-175)(16 page PDF)

Meaningful Use 1 and 2 (CME325-326)(4 page PDF)

Motivational Interviewing (CME327-328)(5 page PDF)

One Minute Mindfulness: A Simple Tool to Become the Eye of the Storm in Your Practice Day (CME341-342)(8 page PDF)

Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH): Practice Transformation Strategies and Resources: Making Wellness Visits Work in Practice (CME176-177)(10 page PDF)

Patient-Centered Medical Home PBL: Discussion Session (CME298-302)(11 page PDF)

PCMH: Why All the Hype? (CME329-330)(8 page PDF)

PCMH 101: Transformational Leadership (CME333-334)(8 page PDF)

PCMH 201: Advanced Topics in PCMH with Lessons Learned (CME335-336)(7 page PDF)

Practice Foundations for PCMH: Prepare for PCMH Transformation (CME331-332)(4 page PDF)

Preparing Yourself, Your Family, Your Staff, and Your Patients for Retirement (CME178)(10 page PDF)

Reinventing the Physician/Patient Relationship through Direct Primary Care (CME265-266)(5 page PDF)

Rejuvenation: Bringing Energy and Passion to Your Work (CME179-180)(4 page PDF)

Risk and Evaluation Mitigation Strategies (REMS): Safe Prescribing of High-Risk Medications (CME181-182)(9 page PDF)

Risk Stratified Care Management (CME313-314)(9 page PDF)

General Session: The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care (CME350)(1 page PDF)

Top 10 Things I Learned in 2014  (CME183-184)(15 page PDF)

U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Update (CME255-256)(10 page PDF)


ADHD and Comorbid Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders (Adult) Primary Care (CME185-186)(9 page PDF)

ADHD and Comorbid Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders (Child) (CME187-188)(9 page PDF)

Adolescent Eating Disorders (DSM-5 Criteria) (CME189-190)(12 page PDF)

Anxiety Disorders (CME191-192)(7 page PDF)

Autism Spectrum Disorder (CME193-194)(10 page PDF)

Childhood Sleep Disturbances (CME195-196)(6 page PDF)

Learning Disorders/Specific Learning Disorder (CME197-198)(7 page PDF)

Mood Disorders, Depression, and Bipolar: DSM5 - What You Need to Know Now (CME199-200)(11 page PDF)

New Drugs of Abuse: An Update (CME201-202)(12 page PDF)

Substance Abuse and Addiction: Management in Primary Care (CME203-204)(13 page PDF)

Reproductive – Female

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding and Amenorrhea (CME205-206)(10 page PDF)

Contraception Management: Evidence-Based Update (CME207-208)(12 page PDF)

Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation (CME209-210)(7 page PDF)

Ectopic Pregnancy: Don't Miss It! (CME211-212)(16 page PDF)

Obstetric Care Guidelines: Healthy Prenatal Care (CME213-214)(16 page PDF)

Pap Smears, Cervical Cancer Screening, and Human Papillomavirus (HPV): You Are the Key (CME215-216)(15 page PDF)

Postpartum Depression (CME217-218)(11 page PDF)

Preconception Counseling: All the Time (CME219-220)(11 page PDF)

Sexual Assault and Rape Evaluation of Female Victims (CME221-222)(10 page PDF)

Reproductive – Male

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Prostatitis: Prostate Potpourri (CME223-224)(10 page PDF)

Healthcare of Gay Men: Healthcare of MSM - Gay, Bisexual, Trans & Others (CME225-226)(9 page PDF)

Prostate Cancer and Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Screening (CME227-228)(9 page PDF)


Asthma in Adults (CME229-230)(19 page PDF)

Asthma in Pregnancy: Breathing for Two (CME231-232)(8 page PDF)

Bronchiolitis and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV): Helping the Wee Wheezer (CME233-234)(17 page PDF)

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) and Pulmonary Function Testing: Breathing Easier (CME235-236)(10 page PDF)

Community- and Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia (CME237-238)(18 page PDF)

Influenza Prevention and Management: 2014 Update (CME239-240)(6 page PDF)

Lung and Bronchial Cancer (CME241-242)(9 page PDF)

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Choices in Sleep Apnea (CME243-244)(6 page PDF)

Pediatric Asthma (CME245-246)(11 page PDF)

Respiratory Imaging Modalities (CME257-258)(14 page PDF)

Special Sensory

Common Eye Infections Angry Eyes (CME247-248)(7 page PDF)

Eye Problems in Children (CME249-250)(6 page PDF)

Oral Health: Across the Life Span - What You Can Do For Your Patients (CME251-252)(11 page PDF)