2014 Assembly Handouts


Acute Coronary Syndrome and Angina (Advanced): Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (CME001-002)

Acute Coronary Syndrome and Angina (Fundamentals): Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart (CME003-004)

Adult and Elderly Hypertension: I Got Pressure (CME005-006)

Adult Heart Murmurs: Musings of a Stethoscope (CME007-008)

Advanced Cardiac Imaging and Stress Testing (CME009-010)

Arrhythmias and Dysrhythmias (CME011-012)

Cardiac PBL: Discussion Session (CME267-275)

Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction: Recent Advances (CME013-014)

Electrocardiography: EKGs - Some Go Up, and Some Go Down (CME017-018)

Heart Failure: Update - Pump It Up! (CME015-016)

Pediatric Heart Murmurs: Evaluation (CME019-020)

Preoperative Evaluation Not-Too-Risky Business (CME021-022)

Syncope: No Need to Pass Out, It's Just Syncope! (CME023-024)


Diabetes (Advanced): Challenging Cases in Diabetes Care (CME025-026)

Diabetes and Pregnancy Update (CME027-028)

Diabetes Complications Recognition, Prevention, and Treatment (CME029-030)

Diabetes Mellitus Screening and Diagnosis: Early Catch Saves The Day (CME031-032)

Diabetes Mellitus Treatment: Risk Reduction Through Optimal Treatment (CME033-034)

Hyperthyroidism: Family Medicine (CME035-036)

Hypogonadism (Male): Evidence-Based Management (CME037-038)

Hypothyroidism It's a Drag (CME039-040)

Metabolic PBL: Discussion Session (CME284-290)

Obesity (CME041-042)


Abdominal Pain and Acute Abdomen Emergent and Urgent Care (CME043-044)

Celiac Disease: An Easy to Absorb Overview (CME045-046)

Colorectal Cancer: Going After #2 (CME047-048)

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and Dyspepsia Evidence-Based Update (CME049-050)

Hepatitis B: Prevention, Treatment, and Surveillance (CME051-052)

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: The ABCs of IBD (CME053-054)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Evidence-Based Approach (CME055-056)





Patient-based Care

Population-based Care


Reproductive – Female

Reproductive – Male


Special Sensory