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2014 Assembly Poster Presenters and Topics

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  • Review the latest research in family medicine.
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Kim Kristainsen
Numbers Needed to Tell
Hye-Ree Lee
Breast CA Screening  in Koreans
Hye-Ree Lee
The Kangwha Cohort Study, 1985-2005
Ali Anari
Adolescent Sexual Health Screening
Sara Baird
A Look at Office-Based Miscarriage Mgmt
Kwanza Devlin
SHARPE-In-School Health Education
Elizabeth Fowler
Frequency of Fecal Biomarkers in IBS
Elizabeth Fowler
Structured IBS Stool Panel Cost Model
Jennifer Genuardi
Enhanced Continuity of Care
Reetu Grewal
Provider Practice in ACP
Maureen Grissom
Diversity in Healthcare
Ross Jones
Registries to Improve Glycemic Control 
Anu Kotay
Family and Social Context in the EHR
Amy Larkin
Expanding PPG Treatment With CME
Jeff Leggit
Stimulants in Dietary Supplements
Raul Lopez-Valle
Shock Index in Etopic Pregnancy
Raul Lopez-Valle
Jaundice Score for Jaundiced Patients
Meg Mangin
Olmesartan Resolves Chronic Inflammation
Reema Menezes
Advanced Driectives Assessment Tool
Chandra Naik
Mgmt of Segmental Vitiligo
Phillip Narciso
Vitamin D and Pregnancy Induced HTN
Joseph Ng
Successful Central Venous Access: PICCS
Christine Odel
Roadmap to Integrated Behavioral Health
Christine OdelCo-located PharmD and Diabetic Outcomes
Christine Odel
Population Outreach by Empowered Mas
Matt Rosenberg
Patient Education in Men's Sexual Health
Hemalatha Senthikumar
Collaboration between FPs and Dentist
Craig Smail
Hypoglycemic Therapeutic Options
Mark Stephens
Obesity Prevention in the Military
Neena Thomas-Eapen
A Case of Extra Mammary Breast Cancer
Ling Yang
Health Risks of Waterpipe Tobacco Use
Amy Zack
Improving Pediatric Helmet Use 
Amy Zack
Improving Pediatric Helmet Use 
Folsade Ajayi
A Curious Case of IBS
N. Azreen Ali
H.Influenzae Meningitis in a Vaccine Era
Rianot Amzat
CVD Risk Factor Goals Patient Awareness
Kevin Bernstein
Andrea Caraccooli
Clinical Decision Tools Accuracy
Ananda Chatterjee
FP's Perceptions: Guideline Implementation
Karla Frazzini
Descriptive Evaluation of MD Management
Roan Gannon
GAS Meningitis in and 8 Month Old
Sonia Haque
Philadelphia Chromosome 
Elise Hogan
Medical Home Influence on Prenatal Care
Susan Jevert
A PC Perspective on Male Breast CA
Jaggi Kanika
Rare Cause of Headache
Naheed Lakhani
Acute Compartment Syndrome
Naheed Lakhani
Symptoms & Risk of Heart Disease/Stroke
Naheed Lakhani
Health Inequalities Due to Rurality
Tamara Morales-Serrano
Sepsis Mgmt Epidemiological Study 
Prashant Morolia
GO! Diabetes  Saves Some Eyesight
Heera Motwani
Medical Errors in Skilled Nursing Facility
Seneel Parvathareaddy
Affordable Care Act and Impact on HIV
Khyata Patel
Contraception Utilization in Minorities 
Sneh Patel
Rare Cause of Failure to Thrive
Sneh Patel
Mysterious Case of Hepatitis
Anna Poplawski
Motivational Therapy and Exercise Rates
Kinjal Shah
Sleep Right, Sleep Tight: It's Our  Goal
Steve Sikorevich
Gap Between Resident and Faculty Billing
Sukhpreet Singh
Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome
Sukhpreet Singh
Breast Cancer  with RET Protongene
Sukhpreet Singh
Rhabdomyolysis caused by Hypothyroidism
Sukhpreet Singh
Extreme Case of Thrombonngitis Obliterans
Sukhpreet Singh
Gout Masquerading Rheumatioid Arthritis
Samuel TigaloExertional Rhabdomyolysis
Samuel Tigalo
PC Physicians’ use of Pocket Ultrasound
Heileene Torres-Colberg
Overcoming Declining Birth Rates in PR
Onameyore Utuama
SCD: Comfort Level of Care by Family Docs
Prathiba Vermani
War on Warfarin
Leong Wofford
Advance Directives Residency Cirriculum
Ben Cocchiaro
Misuse of Buprenorphine
Cecilia Jojola
Student Interest in  Fertility Awareness
Daniel Kuckel
Prenatal Ultrasound
Tiffany Lee
New Approach: Screening-Alcohol Abuse
Pandya Shachi
Detailed Cholesterol Testing
Pandya Shachi
Does Depression Affect TKA Outcomes?
Christopher Smith
Arm Yourself Against HPV