Assembly Proposals

Proposals are due November 6, 2014.


Contact Jeana Higginbottom
Assembly Program Specialist
(800) 274-2237, ext. 6564

Financial Support

By submitting an application to present at the AAFP Assembly, the applicant is acknowledging that the AAFP accepts commercial support for Assembly CME activities and topics for which there is a demonstrated need for family physician education. Inclusion of a financially supported program at Assembly does not constitute AAFP endorsement of a product or service. All supporting companies will be required to sign an agreement to abide by all ACCME Standards for Commercial Support.

PowerPoint Presentation

All AAFP Assembly faculty are required to follow the AAFP’s PowerPoint style guide (available February 2015) when creating presentations and to use the AAFP PowerPoint template (available February 2015).

An electronic version of the PowerPoint presentation must be submitted to the AAFP by the stated deadline. All PowerPoint presentations will be made available to learners on a flash drive, through the Assembly mobile app, and on the AAFP website.

Recommended Practice Changes

All AAFP Assembly faculty are expected to challenge learners to implement three recommended practice changes. Key takeaways for the session should be summarized on the Practice Recommendations slide of the PowerPoint presentation.

Pre-presentation Checklist

All AAFP Assembly faculty will be provided with a pre-presentation checklist to guide them in aligning the content of their CME activity with performance-based topics and the educational plan.

Faculty Expectation

All AAFP Assembly faculty must submit all required forms by stated deadlines. In addition, to prevent delays in the production schedule, faculty must meet stated deadlines for submitting materials and corresponding with staff. If faculty do not meet these deadlines consistently, the Subcommittee on Assembly Learning Chair reserves the right to reduce that individual’s honorarium by 20% per missed deadline. Egregious delays in meeting deadlines may result in nonpayment of honorarium or replacement as a faculty member.

Faculty are expected to read and understand all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)( guidelines about privacy.

Faculty are encouraged to address cultural differences in patient care, when appropriate. Cultural proficiency is an initiative of the AAFP.

Faculty are encouraged to include information about the patient-centered medical home (PCMH), when appropriate.

Faculty Involvement in Commercial Forums

All AAFP Assembly faculty must understand and agree to the following:

(i) the AAFP discourages individuals speaking at AAFP CME events from participating in commercial or promotional exhibits, including, without limitation, Satellite Symposia and Product Theater (a “Concurrent Event”) held over the same days as the CME activity whether or not officially sponsored by the AAFP, and (ii) if faculty choose to participate in a Concurrent Event, such participation shall entitle AAFP to terminate the faculty contract without any compensation or liability to the involved faculty pursuant to the terms of the faculty contract.

Use of Trade Names

Any reference to a product or drug that implies endorsement by the AAFP is prohibited and may have legal ramifications. The use of trade names is prohibited unless several trade names are listed as treatment options and their generic names are also included.

Disclosure of Unlabeled/Investigational Uses of Products

The AAFP believes that it is important for learners to know when unlabeled or investigational uses of commercial products are discussed during a CME activity. Planned discussion of unapproved or investigational uses of products must be acknowledged in writing to the learners prior to the start of the CME activity.

If an unplanned discussion of unlabeled or investigational use of a product occurs (e.g., during a question-and-answer session), the faculty member should inform learners prior to answering the question or responding to the discussion point that the use in question/under discussion is unlabeled or investigational.

Intellectual Properties

All AAFP Assembly faculty are responsible for obtaining copyright approval if they use material(s) from third-party sources. Faculty must have permission from the source for all images, photographs, tables, graphs, illustrations, etc., included in the presentation. An intellectual property form must be submitted to report all items that require permission. Each faculty is responsible for obtaining permissions for his/her presentation and paying fees associated with third-party rights.

Faculty who use their own photographs within the presentation must provide a release form from each patient or model shown.

Each presentation must include a reference slide that lists citations to so that learners can conduct further research on the topic.