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2017 FMX Presentations


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Please contact:
Jenifer Scheibler, MPA
(913) 906-6562

Build Your Presentation

Find up-to-date information on presentation format and engagement.

You must use the AAFP FMX template for your presentation. The template is 16x9 in PowerPoint(1 page PPTX) and is identical to the 2016 FMX template.

How to Copy Slides from Previous Presentations

Each FMX presentation is original in content in order to meet learning objectives for each individual session. There are times when including slides from other presentations can help increase overall learning.

To copy slides from another 16x9 template, you will want to:

  1. Open the FMX 16x9 template(1 page PPTX).
  2. Find the "Home" tab within the slides group. Click the arrow below "New Slide," and then click "Reuse Slides."
  3. Click "Open a PowerPoint File" listed on the right hand side.
  4. Browse and select the file you want to import into the new template.
  5. Right click on any of the slides in the "Reuse Slides" section, and then select "Insert All Slides."
    Note: The above instructions to copy from a presentation with slide dimensions smaller than16x9 will result in extremely poor formatting. Presenters will need to manually transfer content from non-16x9 slides to the AAFP FMX template.

Required Session Slides

You will need to include the following in your presentation:

  • Audience Engagement System (AES) Polling Questions: Keep your audience engaged by asking questions. Integrate poll questions(1 page PDF) throughout your PowerPoint presentation. Indicate the correct answer (if applicable) in the note section of the corresponding slide. Learn how you can better develop and deliver effective and engaging questions for interactive lectures.(1 page PDF)
  • Practice Recommendations: Highlight steps that have the greatest impact on patient care. Provide one to three concise statements exemplifying specific actions/behaviors learners can immediately apply upon returning to their practice. While these might be included in other places throughout your presentation, feedback indicates having a slide devoted specifically to practice recommendations helps learners identify those recommendations when they revisit the handout of your presentation at a later date. See an example practice recommendations slide.(1 page PDF)
  • Contact Information: Include a slide with your name, email address, blog, website, and/or social media accounts. If you have a Twitter account, please include your Twitter handle. See an example contact information slide.(1 page PDF)

Billing & Coding: If you responded to the March request, billing and coding content will be provided to you by mid-June for you to include in your presentation as desired.

Submit Your Final Presentation

Submission Deadlines:

  • June 26 (recorded On Demand sessions)
  • July 5 (non-On Demand sessions)

1. Complete the Disclosure of Unlabled/Investigational Uses of Products form. Identify unlabeled or "investigational use" content in your presentation.(1 page DOCX)

2. Submit your presentation and Disclosure of Unlabled/Investigational Uses of Products form via email. The form only may also be submitted via fax at (913) 906-6288.

3. On Demand Presentations Only. Submit five post-assessment questions in a Word document by June 26. Please make sure the correct answer to each question is clearly noted. See an example.(2 page PDF) 

Once you've submitted your presentation, the following slides will be added by AAFP staff:

  • Presentation title and faculty name(s)
  • Activity disclaimer
  • Disclosures
  • Biographical information
  • Learning objectives (as determined by AAFP and outlined in the session needs assessment document)
  • Q&A prompt slide (to note start of questions/answers portion of the presentation)
    The AES system allows attendees to electronically submit questions to the presenter at any time. The audience will be able to submit questions through the entire session via their mobile device. Audience members will be able to “vote” on questions that are submitted in order to raise the question in priority. See an example of how the final slide order will appear.

See an example of how the final slide order will appear.(14 page PDF)

4. Receive final presentation from the AAFP. After your pre-slides are added, a copy of your final presentation will be sent to your email. While no changes are allowed from this point forward, you will have access to a final copy of your presentation.


As a reminder, the AAFP complies with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education's (ACCME's) Standards for Commercial Support, the American Medical Association’s (AMA's) Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA ethics policies), and other laws, regulations, and codes that pertain to conflicts of interest. All faculty members are required to read and comply with the AAFP's CME COI policy.

FMX is a CME activity with AAFP and AMA credit. All sessions must comply with AAFP, AMA and ACCME rules and; therefore, must be educational in nature. If you have a financial interest, such as a book or a mobile app, it is permissible to mention only if it is educational in nature and done so in a fair and balanced manner. Promotional messages of any kind are prohibited in CME.