Jason Domagalski, MD, FAAFP

Associate Program Director, University of California Riverside Family Medicine Residency, Palm Springs, CA

FMX Sessions: Gastrointestinal: Colorectal Cancer: A Less "Polypular" Topic, CME045, CME046; Gastrointestinal: Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Approach to IBD: Easy as 1-2-3, CME049, CME050; Gastrointestinal/ Hematology/Immune/ Integumentary: Oncology Track, CME301

Dr. Domagalski practices family medicine in Palm Springs, California. He provides outpatient and inpatient services. Colon cancer screening, GERD, and inflammatory bowel disease are his specialty topics. Dr. Domagalski believes that access to endoscopy through primary care is an important trend.