Heather Paladine, MD

Family Physician; Director/Director of Women's Health, New York Presbyterian-Columbia University Medical Center Residency Program; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Center for Family and Community Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center

[David Koo]

Dr. Paladine lives and practices full-spectrum family medicine in Manhattan, New York, where she supervises residents and medical students, and treats a predominantly Latino, low-income patient population. She focuses in women's health, including maternity care and reproductive health. In addition to her work as a physician, Dr. Paladine mentors residents and medical students as a preceptor in clinic and hospital environments and is a member of the board of directors of the New York State Academy of Family Physicians and chair of its Public Health Commission. She believes that the United States needs a health care system based on primary care, and that the public must learn more about family medicine to pave the way.