Poster Presentations

2015 AAFP FMX Poster Winners

(From left to right) Ibad Farooqui, MD, Kalamazoo, MI (Resident, 1st place); Kanika Jaggi, MD, Kalamazoo, MI (Resident, 1st place); Katryna Lim, Miami, FL (Student, Honorable Mention); Yumi Mendez, Miami, FL (Student, Honorable Mention); Tequilla Manning, Kansas City, KS (Student, 1st place); Chantelle Carneiro, Chicago, IL (Student, 1st place); Jerry Banks, MD, MS, Hamilton, NJ (Resident, 2nd place); Arianna Sundick, MD, Milwaukee, WI (Resident, Honorable Mention); Candice Reynolds (AAFP staff member); Kayla Flores, MD, West Allis, WI (Resident, Honorable Mention); Domenic Casablanca, MD, Oxford, CT (award presenter).

Not pictured: Jay Umarvadia, MD, MBA, Bogalusa, LA (Top Case Study), Russell Stanley, Ft. Worth, TX (Resident 1st Place), Taneev Escamilla, Detroit, MI (1st Place Student)

2016 FMX Posters

The 2016 AAFP FMX poster application will be available for submission beginning March 15, 2016. The submission process will close on April 29, 2016. Please keep checking back for more details!


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