Poster Presentations

Review the latest research in family medicine, gain resources for patient education, and earn CME credit.

Posters will be on display Wednesday, September 30 - Saturday, October 3.

Meet with the presenters on Wednesday, 12:30–1:30 p.m.; Thursday and Friday, 1:30–2:30 p.m; and Saturday, 10:30–11:30 a.m.

List of Posters


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FMX Program Coordinator
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Global Health

GH001   Global Health Medical Education

GH002   Improving Dialogue of Health Professionals

GH003   Modern Contraception

GH004   Comparing Guidelines on the HTN Globally

GH005   Common Ailments in Jamaica

GH006   Modeling Sustainable Energy

GH007   Hypertension Knowledge in Ghana

GH008   Haiti: Presumptions vs Actual Experience

GH009   When It's More Than Just Fever


I-101      Health Checks for Adults with IDD

I-102      Exosmes: Biomarkers for Leukemias


    National Conference Student Winner

S-201     Factors for Infant Sleep Position

S-206     Prenatal Substance Use

S-207     Screening for Pediatric Type 2 Diabetes

S-209     A Study of Rural Colon Cancer Screening

S-210     Pedometry and Medical Student Fitness

S-213     Revitalizing Community Spaces for Violence Reduction

S-214     Costarican Sex Workers' Risk Behaviors

S-215     Chronic Pain Self Care in America

S-217     reClaim Your Health Obesity Intervention

S-220     Bow Legs: A Practical Guide

S-221     Chronic Conditions and Dementia

S-222     Addressing a Global Health Epidemic

S-223     Patient Views on Cancer Survivorship

S-224     Effects of Alcohol on Adolescent Sleep

S-225     NFL’s Concussion Crisis & Little League


P-401     Telemedicine and Family Practice

P-402     Primary Medical Care in a Free Clinic

P-403     Flu Season Effects on Chief Complaints

P-405     CIAKI:Pre-Procedure Treatment Needed?

P-407     EPA+DHA to EPA-only Switch Case Report

P-408     Telemedicine and its Role in Family Medicine

P-409     Mutations in Panel for Pts with Breast Cancer

P-410     Co Toxicities with Waterpipe Tobacco Use

P-412     Variations of Care in Community Practice for Pts with CAD

R-414     Anal Sphincter Injury and R$isk Factors

P-415     Variations of Care in Community Practice for Pts with CAD

P-417     Medical Marijuana: Physicians Concerns

P-418     Effectiveness of Online CME in Improving Chronic HCV Care

P-419     Mental and Reproductive Health Disparity

P-420     Quality Improvement Education on Type 2 DM

P-421     Documentation and Intimate Partner Violence

P-422     Incidence of Malaria Around the World

P-423     Internet Patterns with Disease Outbreaks


              National Conference Resident Winner

R-301     Barriers to Geriatric Care

R-302     Barriers in Patient-Directed Advance Planning

R-303     Staghorn Calculus Causing Renal Failure

R-304     ACE-Inhibitor Induced Pancreatitis

R-305     Not presenting

R-307     To Google or Not to Google

R-308     Pain Management Contracts in Urban FMHCs

R-309     The Probiotic H. Pylori Treatment

R-310     Web Parenting

R-311     Confidence in Taking Sexual History

R-312     Prenatal Care in a Residency Clinic

R-314     Not Presenting

R-315     Anti-GAD Encephalitis

R-316     Rare Cause of Headache in a Child

R-317     Impact of Medication Knowledge on Adhere

R-318     Effect of MD Flu Vaccination on Patients

R-319     Management of a Snakebite

R-320     Management of Newborns Exposed to HIV

R-321     A Case of Chest Pain in the Postpartum Period

R-322     IIOP is Associated with Metabolic SD

R-323     Body Composition & Cardiometabolic Risk

R-324     Duloxetine and Knee Osteoarthritis

R-325     High Risk Drinking and Dyslipidemia

R-326     Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage

R-328     Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Case Series

R-329     Sore Throat, Oral Sex and Trichomoniasis

R-330     What Am I Waiting For

R-332     The Importance of PFT's in COPD

R-333     Positive Health Factors & Metbolic Syn

R-334     The Urgently Non-Urgent

R-335     Epidemiologic Study About Leptospirosis

R-336     Preparing Residents for Suicidal Behavior

R-337     Complex Patients in Primary Care

R-338     Burnout During Residency

R-339     Barriers in Patient-Directed Advance Planning

R-340     Angiotensin Receptor Blocker Induced Angioedema

R-342     ACS Rule Out Protocol Outcomes-A Study

R-343     Myasthenic Crisis: An FP Approach

R-344     Postpartum Chest Pain: A Case Report

R-345     IV and PO Antibioties in C. Diff Patients

R-346     Fetal Heart Rate and Fetal Gender

R-347     Fitwits-Trained Doctors and Child BMI

R-349     Picture Pill Empowerment

R-351     HPV Vaccination in a Family Health Center

R-352     Physician's Understanding of Meaningful Use

R-353     A Curious Case of Foot Drop

R-354     Reducing Hospital Re-Admission for Intermediate Care Pts

R-355     Socioeconomic Status & the ASCVD Risk

R-356     Diabetes Group in Residency

R-357     Effects of Breastfeeding Counseling Breastfeeding Rates

R-358     Does Fetal Heart Predict Gender?