Poster Presentations

Review the latest research in family medicine, gain resources for patient education and earn CME credit. Discuss topics with presenters Wednesday through Saturday from 10:30 am – 11:30 am in The Hub, 2nd Level, West Concourse.

Awards will be given under the student and resident case studies and research categories.


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Linda Swift
FMX CME Program Strategist
(800) 274-2237, ext. 6561

Research - Students

Bolstering the Primary Care Pipeline
Breast Cancer Screening at Free Clinic
Child Nutrition for Lifelong Health
Colon Cancer Screens for the Uninsured
Determining Disease Prevalence in Lugala
Referral Services in Autism Disorders
Geographic Variation of Pediatric Asthma
Medicare Annual Wellness Visits
Effect of HbA1c>7% on Post-AMI Mortality
Interprofessional Education: Derm FM OMM
Prescribing Produce to Promote Health
Promoting Student Interest in FM
Reducing Delays to Improve Outcomes
LTBI Screening in Primary Care Setting
Evaluating Residency Applicants Via MMIs

Case Studies - Students

Acute Appendicitis
Patient Safety: A Case of Lichen Planus
An Unusual Case of Gynecomastia
Lacrimation and Burning Mouth Syndrome

Research - Residents

Adherence in Guyanese patients with DM
ADR & CIR of Family Medicine Physicians
ALT and Hepatic Steatosis to SHBG
Asthma and Community Paramedicine
Attitudes Towards Advanced Care Planning
Bias and Childhood Obesity
Bringing Ultrasound to the FM Curriculum
Circumcision: Tradition vs Guidelines
Closing the Loop
Community-Based HPV Vaccine Improvements
Community-Based Stroke Education
Confidence In Managing Pediatric Obesity
Diabetes Mellitus Type II and Depression
Diabetic Foot Passive Medical Management
Disaster Preparedness Comparison
Do E-Cig Aide in Tobacco Cig Cessation?
Educational Methods on Pneumonia Vaccine
Electronic Satisfaction Survey Response
Google® It: HPV Vaccine Online Information
Group Prenatal Care and Selection Bias
Impact of Screening for Hepatitis C
Improvement of Medication Awareness
Improving Hospital Transition of Care
Improving Lab Clinic Errors
Improving Safety in Whitewater Kayaking
Incidence of Biphasic Anaphylaxis
Inclusive Resident Education Innovations
Increasing Breastfeeding Rates
Inpatients: Do We Really Need HbA1C?
Mnemonics for Memorization of Vaccines
Osteoporosis Screening in Women
Patients Voice: Primary Care in the ED
Perception of Alcohol in Country Music
PP in Predicting MS in the Elderly
Rate of Influenza Vaccination in Peds
Reducing Polypharmacy
Resident Awareness of Domestic Violence
Residents Awareness of Cost in Medicine
Risk of Clostridium Difficile Associated
Screening for Food Insecurity
Six Sigma Process Mapping of Clinic Flow
Successful Aging In Mind, Body and Place
Taking Advantage of EMR Patient Handouts
TAVR Pushes New Standard for AVR
The Healthy Senior Vaccine Project
The Spice of Life
Understanding SDOH in a PCP Waiting Room
Urgent Care: A Systematic Review
Which Patients with CHF Develop AKI?

Case Studies - Resident

A Bad Shot: Bringing Awareness to SIRVA
A Treatable Respiratory Failure
Acquired Hemophilia
C. diff. Enterocolitis in a 2-Year-Old
Diagnosis Deconstructed: Wrist Drop
Disseminated Blastomycosis: How Rare?
Disseminated Skin Lesions
Endocarditis Due to Candida Parapsilosis
Giant Atrial Myxoma
Hiccups and Neuromyelitis Optica
Loperamide: The Modern Methadone
Megace Induced Adrenal Insufficiency
MTHFR Mutation with Enoxoparin Allergy
Neurocysticercosis in Chicago
Not All Arthritis is Chikungunya
Polymyositis and Vitamin D Deficiency
Subcutaneous Leiomyosarcoma: Rare Cancer

Research - International

Maternal Health Services in a Rural Area
Resistance Exercise & Insulin Resistance

Research - Other

A Novel Chronic Pain Program
Active Duty Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Care
Advance Directive: Attitudes and Barriers
Are They Ready?
Checking the Checkbox Quality-EBM Review
Clinicians and Their Stethoscopes
CME in the Care of Patients with HCV
Co-located Care and Mental Health
Diabetes Specific Internal Distress
Educational Active Session on Mindfulness
Family Centered Care
First Known Public Health Survey from CE
FPs Deliver Significant Care in Urban ED
Incentivize Smoking Cessation
Innovative Community Medicine Rotation
Innovative Palliative Care Initiative
Innovative Primary Care Training
Latino Cultural Competency in Residency
Lead Toxicity Screening
Mitigating Primary Care Burnout
Population Study for Alpha 1 Antitrypsin
Primary Care Transitions Program
Retinal Camera to Improve PQRS Score
Using CME to Decrease New HIV Infections
Value of Confirmatory Testing of POCT
Wellness in Family Medicine Physicians
Yoga Helps Falls in Rural Older Adults

Case Studies - Other

A Concrete Complication
An Unusual Migratory Rash
Augmentin Induced Hepatitis
Engaging Super-utilizers at PFC
Larsen Syndrome
Morphine Induced Adrenal Insufficiency
Palliative Care in Central Myelinolysis
Sweet Syndrome
Teratogenic Drugs-Reproductive-Age Women