Showcasing Innovation in Primary Care Practice

Demonstrate new practice designs and technology solutions. Meet family physicians from across the country.

Share your solutions to improve patient care and staff satisfaction with the 4,500 family physicians attending the 2016 AAFP Family Medicine Experience (FMX). FMX, which is the annual meeting of the American Academy of Family Physicians, will be held in Orlando, Florida, September 20-24. The Expo Hall is open September 21-23.

What works in the Office of the Future? Let us draw you a picture.(

What will the exhibit look like? Fly through and put yourself there!

Featured innovations to include:

  • Secure electronic communication
  • Automated clinical support
  • Interactive patient education
  • Patient-entered data
  • Population health
  • Remote monitoring
  • Care coordination
  • Telemedicine
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Electronic consults
  • Connected digital devices
  • Predictive analytics
  • Novel office equipment


What will visitors learn?

  • Physical space and processes redesign can improve teamwork, effectiveness, and efficiency.
  • Elements of the Office of the Future are accessible now.
  • Technology does not have to be complicated.
  • Appropriate use of data by the team can improve care.
  • Simple changes can make the work more enjoyable.

Featured Concepts:

  • Care Anywhere: The Office of the Future is moving into the home, workplace and community.
    • Electronic communication tools, Telehealth video software and patient portal systems are the key to extending the relationship with the clinical team and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of patient engagement.
  • Patient Engagement Center: Waiting rooms are transformed to add value by engaging patients in meaningful ways.
    • Practices can customize patient-specific health education through automatic documentation tools that address questions or concerns and foster better engagement that equals better data and better care.
  • Clinical Team Hub: Tech-enabled, ergonomic spaces offer touchpoints for huddles, meetings, and information sharing among clinicians and staff.
    • Automated clinical support tools can improve efficiency and patient and provider experiences. Display your new, intelligent tools that allow team members to practice at the top of their license and create efficiencies (prescription refills, care planning, and remote non-urgent patient visits.
  • Exam Room: This space brings people together, fostering collaboration with colleagues and patients.
    • Intentional space design can improve the patient experience and technology such as video conferencing packages with digital scopes and other diagnostic tools can increase convenience, expand access and facilitate specialist consults.
  • Population Health Center: Effective teamwork is fostered by physical design.
    • Managing the health of populations depends upon targeting and delivering effective care. Software captures and visualizes key metrics which help the team monitor health indicators and proactively address patient needs.
  • Personalized Consultation: In a private office setting, a clinician might meet with patients, interact with clinicians beyond the walls of the office, or monitor and follow up with at-risk patients.
    • Secure messaging and video conferencing facilitates quick consultations with specialists. Asynchronous communication allows team members to respond at their convenience.

Investment Opportunity

Be recognized as a thought leader at the forefront of practice transformation. Network with 4,500 family physicians at the AAFP Family Medicine Experience (FMX). Showcase your company in a real-world Office of the Future environment to demonstrate how your product innovation provides solutions.

Supporter Level

$1,200 (26 spaces available)

  • 6' x 6' booth includes:
    • Company name plate, carpet, and 8' hard back and side walls
    • Company name listed on acknowledgment sign, FMX website, and mobile app, as well as printed in the spread of the onsite printed program, Daily Experience

Participating Partner Level


  • All inclusions of Supporter Level
  • Product, service or in-kind support displayed in the appropriate demo station
  • Pre-registrant attendee list
  • Company name, website, 50-word company description and logo printed in the spread of the onsite printed program, Daily Experience

Presenting Partner Level

$50,000 (exclusive opportunity)

  • All inclusions of Supporter and Participating Partner Levels
  • Special branding as the Presenting Partner with product category exclusivity
  • Three- to four-minute educational video in Theater (presenting partner to supply).
  • Company name, website, 150-word company description and logo printed in the spread of the onsite printed program, Daily Experience
  • Floor graphic partner recognition on aisle outside of exhibit booth
  • Mobile app upgrade

Contact Information

For more information or customized
solutions, contact Julia Ozark at (913) 906-6297.