Promotional Guidelines

The following information should be considered as promotional materials are being designed.

Use of AAFP Name, Seal, or FMX

The Satellite CME events are labeled "satellite" to indicate that they are not planned or sponsored by the AAFP. Promotional materials, on-site materials, or after-products cannot say the AAFP FMX, presented in cooperation with the AAFP, or endorsed by the AAFP.

In describing these events, you may not use phrases such as "presented during," "presented in conjunction with," "preceding," or "prior to" the AAFP FMX. Neither the FMX name, nor the AAFP name, logo, or seal may be used.

Invitation/Promotional Content

All announcements, invitations or solicitations, including envelopes, web sites, etc., must receive AAFP approval prior to distribution or posting.

Be certain to factor this requirement into your timeline for preparing copy, reviewing proofs, and printing materials.

Send materials directly to AAFP for approval. If the CME provider or organizer is working with INFOCUS, send mailing pieces directly to INFOCUS for AAFP approval. CME providers or organizers will be notified when changes are needed and/or pieces are approved.

Prior to submitting final proofs of promotional materials to AAFP or INFOCUS for approval, make sure you have the following items:

  • All materials show the following disclaimer statement on the cover/front page: "This event is not a part of the official AAFP FMX."
  • Name of CME provider must be on front cover.
  • Acknowledgment of supporter(s) on front cover.
  • Instructions to potential attendees about the registration procedure for your event.
  • AAFP CME credit statement (after approval has been received). "This activity has been reviewed and is accepted for up to ______ Prescribed credits by the American Academy of Family Physicians."
  • If purchasing advertising space, the statement "AAFP Prescribed credits approved" or "AAFP [number of credits] Prescribed credits approved" may be used instead of the full AAFP CME credit statement.


Please contact:
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