FMIG Leaders: Help Promote 2016 AAFP National Conference

Help promote the 2016 AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Students through your FMIG to earn $100.

FMIGs provide an invaluable community for medical students to explore and learn about the specialty of family medicine—in fact, almost one-third of students first learn about National Conference from their FMIG group. To encourage continuation of these efforts, the AAFP would like to offer FMIGs that host a National Conference informational meeting $100 for their meeting costs, including food, drink, and other necessities.

To receive the $100, each individual  must complete and fulfill the below.


The below rules apply:

  • Only the first 75 participating FMIG groups will receive the $100 funding. If your group is not within the first 75 to respond, the AAFP will notify you. 
  • Each FMIG group is eligible for the $100, and can only participate once.
  • FMIGs at regionally separated (branch) campuses may apply separately from the main campus.
  • The FMIG-hosted National Conference informational meeting must occur before April 29, 2016. Meetings after April 29, 2016 are not eligible for the funding.
  • The AAFP-provided National Conference presentation can be included in an already planned FMIG meeting or at a specific meeting to share the conference information.


  1. Each participating FMIG group must show the National Conference PowerPoint presentation(17 page PPTX) provided by the AAFP.
  2. FMIG groups must provide the AAFP with a completed submission form(1 page PDF) and attendee list(1 page PDF) to receive the funding.
  3. The submission form and attendee list must be provided to the AAFP no later than May 9, 2016.
    Please send forms to:

    American Academy of Family Physicians
    11400 Tomahawk Creek Parkway
    Leawood, KS 66211
    Fax: (913) 906-6289


  • Each participating FMIG group will receive $100 to support their National Conference meeting. The funding is to be used for food, drink, or other meeting related costs. Other expenses occurred will not be reimbursed.
  • Checks will be made payable to the contact indicated on the submission form. Forms must be signed by the FMIG faculty advisor.
  • All checks will be submitted and mailed to FMIGs by May 31, 2016.

Consider contacting your State Chapter representative to see if they would like to participate in your meeting. Some state chapters have their own scholarships and opportunities for medical students. Also, consider inviting a panel of past attendees – students, residents, and faculty – to share their experiences.

2016 National

Join us for the 2016 National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students!

July 28 - July 30, 2016
Kansas City Convention Center
Kansas City, MO

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