Student Benefits

Family medicine is the specialty that lets you be yourself.
National Conference is the place.

Current M1: See what family medicine is all about, and discover the scope of practice offered in the specialty through workshops, main stage sessions, and musculoskeletal clinics. Topics include:

  • Common dermatological lesions
  • Procedures
  • Global health

Current M2: Affirm your interest in family medicine and be surrounded by people who are passionate about the specialty. Prepare for your clerkship through educational programming designed to enhance your family medicine education, plus get a jump-start on the Match by visiting with residency programs. Topics include:

  • Integrative medicine
  • Maternal care and childbirth
  • Wilderness medicine

2016 National

Join us for the 2016 National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students!

July 28 - July 30, 2016
Kansas City Convention Center
Kansas City, MO

Registration will open in February.

Current M3: Affirm your eagerness and desire to practice in the family medicine specialty, hone your procedures skills, visit with residency programs in the Expo Hall before applying through ERAS, and influence AAFP policy through the Student Congress. Topics include:

  • Applying to residency
  • Residency interviewing
  • Caring for refugees

Current M4: Get the inspiration and information you need for transitioning into residency and network with other residents going through the same experiences. Topics include:

  • Financial responsibilities
  • Preparing to be an intern
  • Addiction medicine

*All program years are eligible to participate in any National Conference event or programming.

A Message from the Student Chair

Attending AAFP National Conference may be one of most valuable experiences you can have as a medical student interested in family medicine. I’ve heard over and over again from students who leave this conference feeling like a whole world of primary care possibilities just opened up before them—possibilities that allow them to be uniquely themselves by serving their future patients in ways they have always envisioned. They met people who have genuinely changed their lives, learned about family medicine residency programs they would otherwise never have considered, and fell in love with primary care advocacy.

 The educational sessions at National Conference offer unique opportunities to drill down on a number of subjects important to medical students, with offerings on everything from Direct Primary Care, to procedure sessions, to tips on applying to residency programs. In addition to educational sessions, the Student Congress gives you an opportunity to make your voice heard in very real ways. We have the opportunity to create and vote on resolutions that can influence AAFP policy. This is the stuff that matters!

“When else will you have the chance to meet with representatives from hundreds of residency programs from across the country?”

The Expo Hall is a smorgasbord of family medicine residency programs. When else will you have the chance to meet with representatives from hundreds of residency programs from across the country? I learned about amazing programs there that I never would have learned about otherwise, and it has definitely affected my future rank list.

There’s something so electric about being around other people who are passionate about primary care. I remember getting excited as I met so many incredible people and realized that “this is my tribe; these are my people!”

No other specialty has a student and resident conference so robust, so well-attended, and so much fun. Come and see how family medicine will help you become the future doctor you can’t wait to be.

Brian Blank, Student Chair