Student Benefits

Family medicine is in motion.
Join the movement at National Conference.

Current M1: See what family medicine is all about, and discover the scope of practice offered in the specialty through workshops, main stage sessions, and musculoskeletal clinics. Topics include:

  • EKG
  • Ultrasound
  • Procedures

Current M2: Affirm your interest in family medicine and be surrounded by people who are passionate about the specialty. Prepare for your clerkship through educational programming designed to enhance your family medicine education, plus get a jump-start on the Match by visiting with residency programs. Topics include:

  • LGBT health screening
  • Maternal care and childbirth
  • Wellness in medical education

2017 National

Save the date for the 2017 National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students!

July 27 - July 29, 2017
Kansas City Convention Center
Kansas City, MO

Current M3: Affirm your eagerness and desire to practice in the family medicine specialty, hone your procedures skills, visit with residency programs in the Expo Hall before applying through ERAS, and influence AAFP policy through the Student Congress. Topics include:

  • Applying to residency
  • Residency interviewing
  • Global health careers

Current M4: Get the inspiration and information you need for transitioning into residency and network with other residents going through the same experiences. Topics include:

  • Financial responsibilities
  • From residency to faculty
  • Health disparities

*All program years are eligible to participate in any National Conference event or programming.

A Note from the Student Chair

When you think of your future after medical school–if you’re like me–you see family medicine. And thinking back on the valuable experiences I’ve had at AAFP National Conference, I believe this event has played a vital role in my family medicine path.

It has been helpful to speak with residents from numerous residencies to learn their personalities and what is unique and special about each program.

— Kaci Larsen, Student Chair

National Conference is the perfect place to expand your knowledge and love for family medicine while connecting with like-minded people from across the country. I have made numerous friends through my years as an attendee, and have met AAFP leaders who are passionate about the future of family medicine and are incredibly receptive to the needs and desires of students and residents.

The greatest networking opportunities for me as a medical student have come through the Expo Hall. It has been helpful to speak with residents from numerous residencies to learn their personalities and what is unique and special about each program. Because I have attended National Conference since my second year of medical school, I have created many lasting relationships with residencies which was incredibly useful when I was gearing up to apply to programs this year.

Many of us attend medical schools where primary care is not the focus, so it is important to attend National Conference to surround yourself with people who are just as excited and passionate about family medicine. It has continually refueled my fire and passion for family medicine, and it can do the same for you, as well!

Our specialty is constantly changing. Students and residents have a unique view of what family medicine is and where it could be. We have been mentored, but we also have new ideas of our own. I hope you’ll join me at National Conference this year so we can use our voice to influence the progression of our specialty.

Kaci Larsen, Student Chair