Poster Presentations

Congratulations to our 2015 National Conference poster winners!

Student Winner

  • Community Project Changing the Face of Sex Education in Rhode Island
    Naomi Adjei, Dorothy Liu, Vinay Rao, Kunal Sindhu, and Michael Yacovelli

Resident Winner

  • Clinical Inquiry IVC Filter: A Safety Device That Can Kill: A Primary Care Primer of IVC Filter Indications, Complications, and Recommendations for Removal
    Christina Bungo, DO, Brandon Steinberg, MD, and Corey Steinberg, MD


2015 Poster Presenters and Topics

Category: Clinical InquiryTitle: IVC Filter: A Safety Device That Can Kill: A Primary Care Primer of IVC Filter Indications, Complications, and Recommendations for RemovalPresenter(s): Christina Bungo, DO, Brandon Steinberg, MD, and Corey Steinberg, MD
Category: Clinical InquiryTitle: 60-Year-Old Woman with Sudden Blurry Vision: Internuclear Ophthalmoparesis in Granulomatosis with PolyangiitisPresenter(s): Sandy Liao, DO
Category: Clinical InquiryTitle: A Case of Malignant Pericardial Effusion Due to Metastatic Renal Cell CarcinomaPresenter(s): Cody Ryan, MD

Category: Clinical InquiryTitle: Acute Cryptosporidiosis in an Immunocompetent Pediatric PatientPresenter(s): Asim Alshanberi, MD, Patrick Huddleston, and Caitlin Tallant
Category: Community ProjectTitle: Changing the Face of Sex Education in Rhode IslandPresenter(s): Naomi Adjei, Dorothy Liu, Vinay Rao, Kunal Sindhu, and Michael Yacovelli
Category: Community ProjectTitle: Student-Run Free Clinic Universal Food Insecurity Screening and Referral ProjectPresenter(s): Jinnie Chang and David Malinak
Category: Community ProjectTitle: A New Perspective on Preventive Medicine: The Farm to Health Center InitiativePresenter(s): Kathryn Bailey, Rachel Erdil, and Elizabeth Rosen
Category: Community ProjectTitle: Cooks for a Cause: Adapting a Community Outreach Program Based on Community PartnersPresenter(s): Alyse Dicenzo and Lauren Evans
Category: Community ProjectTitle: Refugee Health InitiativePresenter(s): Trevor Dickey and Stephanie Ngo
Category: Community Project
Title: Using the Medical Student-Run Free Clinic to Address Health Disparity for Adults with Intellectual DisabilitiesPresenter(s): Olivia Ruth and Christine Schultheiss
Category: Community Project
Title: Application of an Interdisciplinary Student Educator Model in Increasing Health Insurance EnrollmentPresenter(s): Warren Yamashita
Category: Educational ProgramTitle: BLSO Increases Interest In and Understanding of Family Medicine in M1 and M2 StudentsPresenter(s): Emily Barker, Billy Burrough, and Kristin Magliocco
Category: Educational ProgramTitle: Student-led Interventions in Preclinical Years Improve Students’ Knowledge of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health Issues and Confidence to Provide CarePresenter(s): Julia Chang, Andrea Grosz. MD, Daniel Gutierrez, and Andrea Lui
Category: Educational ProgramTitle: Be Aware, Be A Hero: A High School Peer Mentoring Program in Social Awareness and Gender EquityPresenter(s): Andrew Wei and Denise Yu
Category: ResearchTitle: Initial Presentation to Generalist Provider Versus Subspecialist for Fertility Treatment, Use of In Vitro Fertilization, and Time to PregnancyPresenter(s): Mandy Ward Boltz
Category: ResearchTitle: Prevalence and Correlates of Depressive Symptoms Among a Structurally Vulnerable Population in Tijuana, MexicoPresenter(s): Natalie Kang Ferraiolo
Category: ResearchTitle: Differential Experience With Men’s and Women’s Healthcare Visits Between Male and Female Family Medicine ResidentsPresenter(s): Natalie E. Gentile, MD and Benjamin Lai, MBBCH
Category: ResearchTitle: Assessing Quality of and Implementing Improvements in HPV Vaccination Delivery at a Family Medicine Residency ClinicPresenter(s): Anton Grasch, MD
Category: ResearchTitle: Breast Engorgement: Clinical Course, Home Treatment, and In-Office EducationPresenter(s): Sheila Kredit
Category: ResearchTitle: Screening for Osteoporosis in Men Age 70 and Above in a Primary Care Setting in the United StatesPresenter(s): Dan Nguyen
Category: ResearchTitle: Primary Care Physicians Are More Likely to Participate in Medicare EHR Incentives than Other Eligible Physicians after Considering Differences in IncomePresenter(s): Troy Russell, MD, MPH
Category: ResearchTitle: Evaluating the ECHO After-school Health Education Program: Results from the Pretest SurveyPresenter(s): Iman Hassan, MD, Nina Massad, Jenny Yuan Wang, and Jonathan Witonsky
Category: ResearchTitle: Depressive Symptoms as a Barrier to Breastfeeding in a Racial/Ethnic Minority SamplePresenter(s): Kim Ann Dang, MD and Emily Zachowski, DO
Category: ResearchTitle: Characterizing the Scope and Impact of Care Coordination Provided in the OutpatientPresenter(s): Stuart Zeltzer


AAFP Foundation Immunization Awards Posters

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Title: Implementation of a Multimodal Approach Intervention for Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination during the 2014-15 Flu SeasonPresenter(s): Brian Hanson, MD; Andrew Wood, MD; Carly Mangels, MA; Laura Webster, MD; and Anibal Martinez, MD
Title: Increasing Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates amongst Seniors in a San Diego Border CommunityPresenter(s): Mikela Yarawamai, MD and Marianne McKennett, MD
Title: Increasing Senior Immunization Rates using a Multipronged ApproachPresenter(s): Anne Anderson, DO and Camille Collett, MD
Title: RISE Project (Richmond Immunization in Seniors and Elderly)Presenter(s): Matthew Chan, MD; Luis Manriquez, MD; Will Perez, MD; Sree Atluru, MD and Emily Myers, MD
Title: Invasion of the Body Aches: Using Classic Movies to Scare up Better Immunization Rates
Presenter(s): Joshua Stringam, DO and Lenny Salzberg, MD
Title: Idalia Rodriguez Memorial Immunization Project: Improving Pneumococcal and Influenza Vaccination Rates Among People 65 and OlderPresenter(s): Rachel Seltzer, MD, MPH; Alan Schumacher, MD; Algele Sumulong, MD; Joyce Troxler, MD and Jade Zamora, MBA
Title: Organizational Strategies to Improve Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Compliance in Patients Age 65 and OlderPresenter(s): Eunice Gititu, MD; Edward Agabin, MD; Prasand Kesavan, MD; Janis Coffin, DO; Carla Duffie, DNP; Patrick Hatch and Holly Andrews
Title: Improving SIU-QFM Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates for SeniorsPresenter(s): Priyanka Costa, MD; Deena Jacob, MD; Ravi Mehta, MD; Thomas Miller, MD, Timothy Ott, DO, Diane M Hughes, MBA and Jill Zwick, RN BSN
Title: Reciprocity: Caring for our Past. Interventions for improving Influenza and Pneumococcal immunization rates among Seniors in New Brunswick CommunityPresenter(s): Yasmen Srour, MD; Karen W R Lin, MD; Rhina Acevedo, MD; Jason Krystofiak and Mary Ellen Lisman
Title: Immunize and Save Lives: The Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center Hospital and Community Based Immunization InterventionPresenter(s): Natalie Rose Mourra, MD
Title: Sustainable Improvements in Immunization Rates for Seniors: A Local and Community-Wide EffortPresenter(s): Achint Choksy, JD; Pradeep Raju, MD, Omar Siddiqi, MD; Peter Baldwin, MD, MBA, MPH; Clifton Nowell, DO; Matthew Nyholm, MD; Leslee McElrath, MD; Linda Lopez, MPH; Kara Yutzy; Elisabeth Righter, MD, FAAPF; Teresa Zryd, MD, MSPH and Lisa Collier Kellar, MD, MSCE
Title: The Ohio State University Family Medicine Senior Immunization Improvement Program
Presenter(s): Camille Morena, DO; Anthony Nguyen, DO; Nicole Kornder, MD; David Tessier, MD; William Buoni, MD and Fred Miser, MD
Title: Initiative to Increase Influenza and Pneumococcal Immunization Rates in our Senior Population in the 2014-15 Influenza SeasonPresenter(s): Labake Bankole, MD; Leslie Thomas, MD; Marianna Lacerda, DO; Helena Karnani, MD and David McInnes, MD
Title: Vaccinating on the Go: Utilizing a Mobile Health Van to Increase Vaccination Rates among Long Island SeniorsPresenter(s): Kevin M Reiter, MD; Keasha Guerrier, MD; Marlene Camacho-Rivera, PhD; Farideh Zonouzi-Zadeh, MD, FAAFP; Barbara Keber, MD, FAAFP and Tochi Iroku-Malize, MD, MPH, FAAFP
Title: Multi-dimensional Approach to Increasing Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccinations in the Elderly Population in a Primarily Low-Income, Suburban Family Health ClinicPresenter(s): Nicholle Henley, DO; James Meyers, DO; Hoang Tran, DO and Tracy Yee, DO
Title: Improving Long Term Outcomes of the Elderly Through VaccinationsPresenter(s): Sahar Zuberi, MD and Jennifer Gonzalez, MD