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2014 Poster Presenters and Topics

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The top resident and top student winner is denoted below in bold.

Category: Clinical InquiryTitle: Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction as Initial Presentation of Pediatric Systemic Lupus ErythematosusPresenter(s): Jeremy DeFoe, DO
Category: Clinical InquiryTitle: Low Back Pain in a 51-Year-Old Obese Female: An Atypical Presentation of Spinal Epidural AbscessPresenter(s): Angela Dunn, DO; John Lax, MD; and David Shaha, MD
Category: Clinical InquiryTitle: Outcomes with Combination Therapy of Insulin Infusion and Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in a Case of Severe Hypertriglyceridemia-Induced PancreatitisPresenter(s): Sukalpa Chowdhury, MD and Madhan Prabhakaran, MD
Category: Clinical InquiryTitle: Severe Euvolemic Hyponatremia with Urinary Retention: A Case ReportPresenter(s): Kyle Kinderknecht, MD and John Lax, MD
Category: Clinical InquiryTitle: Shared Decision Making in Outpatient Care of First-Trimester MiscarriagePresenter(s): Rahima Alani, MD and Lily Pike, MD
Category: Clinical InquiryTitle: Small Bowel Obstruction: An Atypical Presentation of Metastatic Primary Lung AdenocarcinomaPresenter(s): Andrew Berry and Rachel Herdes
Category: Clinical InquiryTitle: Which of the AAFP’s Recommended Risk-Assessment Tools is Most Sensitive in Predicting Aberrant Drug-related Behavior Among Patients Receiving Opioids for Chronic Pain Management?Presenter(s): Gerald Banks, MD, MS
Category: Community ProjectTitle: Baby-Friendly Quality Improvement Project: Collaborating With a Hospital System Seeking Baby-Friendly DesignationPresenter(s): Laura Adams, MD; Sarah Ansari, MBBS; Jennifer Brockington, DO; Chandni Choudhary, MBBS; Abdullah Khafagy, MD; Sophia Siddiqi, MD; and Erika Spuhler, MD
Category: Community ProjectTitle: Does the Law Perpetuate Stigma Surrounding People with Mental Illness?Presenter(s): Jency Daniel
Category: Community ProjectTitle: Health Partners: Effects of Longitudinal Patient-Student Partnerships on Chronic Illness Management Among Community Clinic Patients and Preclinical Medical EducationPresenter(s): Jayanti Dasgupta and Patricia Martinez
Category: Community ProjectTitle: Linking Elders to Local Foods for Better HealthPresenter(s): Erin O’Keefe and Michelle VanHorne
Category: Community ProjectTitle: The Sun Project of Florida (SPF): A Novel Educational Program for Promoting Awareness of the Risks of Sun Exposure Among MinoritiesPresenter(s): Peter Belin, Mario Mayes-Romero, Jennifer Pernas and Katiuska Ramirez
Category: Educational ProgramTitle: Project BC-EDUCATE (Billing and Coding Education) at Family Medicine Residency ProgramPresenter(s): Anthony Arata, MD; Seema Kengeri, MBBS, MPH; and Steve Sikorevich, MD, MIS
Category: Educational ProgramTitle: Reaching Across the Stand: Incorporating Medical Law Education Into FMIG ProgrammingPresenter(s): Joseph Andrie, Carina Brown, Clay Cooper, and Scott Paradise
Category: Educational ProgramTitle: The Opportunity Board: A Tool for Engaging Residents in Identifying Opportunities for Clinical and Program ImprovementPresenter(s): Gabriel Andeen, MD, MPH and Vanna Irving, MD
Category: Educational ProgramTitle: When There’s a Mismatch Between the Expectations and Realities of Residents’ Knowledge, Experience, and Comfort: Addressing OB/GYN in a Family Medicine ResidencyPresenter(s): Hyun Hong, DO and Elysha Mawji, MD
Category: ResearchTitle: Direct Primary Care (DPC): Characteristics of an Evolving Practice ModelPresenter(s): Simon Tesfamariam
Category: ResearchTitle: Forgotten Foundations: An Ethical and Empirical Examination for Requiring a Standardized, Four-week, Hospice and Palliative Care Clerkship in Osteopathic Undergraduate Medical EducationPresenter(s): Aaron Kunz, DO
Category: ResearchTitle: Health Impact of the Patient-Centered Medical Home on the Management of Hypertension: An Observational Retrospective StudyPresenter(s): Bradley Sipe
Category: ResearchTitle: Health Literacy is Associated with Patients’ Adherence-related Knowledge and Motivation, but not Adherence or Glycemic ControlPresenter(s): Connor Corcoran
Category: ResearchTitle: Medical Students’ Beliefs About Screening for Intimate Partner Violence: A Qualitative StudyPresenter(s): Oluwatoni Aluko
Category: ResearchTitle: Qualities Valued in Resident Teachers and Effect of a Clinician-Educator Track on Resident Teaching SkillsPresenter(s): Tamara Montacute, MD, MPH; Cathina Nguyen; and Valerie Chan Teng, MD
Category: ResearchTitle: Rural Health Workforce Adaptive Strategies in KansasPresenter(s): Dan Chernoff, David Hein, Jessica Huff, and Jessica Parrish
Category: ResearchTitle: The Culture and Climate of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Equity and Inclusivity in MedicinePresenter(s): Kristen Eckstrand, PhD and Minoo Sarkarati

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