Space Assignment Guidelines

Space assignments are on a first-come, first-served basis. Subletting space is not permitted for any reason. If space allows, late assignments are available through August 7, 2014. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) accepts major credit cards and checks made payable to AAFP.

When reserving space alone or with other exhibitors, please keep in mind the following:

Selecting Booth Space

To ensure your best selection, provide the booth numbers of your top four choices on the application. Exhibitors wanting to be assigned next to each other must submit separate applications at the same time with the requested booth numbers on each application.

Note: Two or more health care products/services or non-profit exhibitors may not exhibit in a single space.

State Residency Block

Residency programs wanting to be located next to one another must submit all applications as a group in the same email, mailed packet or fax, along with a list of all applications being submitted for one block of exhibit booths.

Note: No more than two residency programs may share one 10' x 10' booth.

Exhibit Fees

View the exhibit fees for the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Students.

Standard In-line or Corner Booth

Standard in-line or corner booths may not exceed 8’ back wall height including signs or banners. No solid exhibit construction may exceed 4’ in height, except in the rear half of the booth.
Banner stands must be placed on the floor to not exceed the 8' back wall height restriction.

Island Booth

Island booth is open on all four sides and may not exceed 20’ in height.

Note: Endcap/Peninsula booths are not offered.

Eligibility to Exhibit

The AAFP determines eligibility of any company to exhibit or product to be displayed. Exhibit eligibility will be granted to those companies whose products and services meet the standards of generally accepted medical practices and are in harmony with the AAFP’s stated purpose to serve the medical profession. Products, which require approval by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), must receive this approval before being eligible to exhibit. The AAFP may forbid installation, or require removal, of any exhibit or discontinuance of any promotion, wholly or in part, that in its opinion is not in keeping with the character and purpose of the AAFP. The AAFP reserves the right to reject, at any time, any application to exhibit for any reason.


The AAFP acts for exhibitors and their representatives in the capacity of agent, not as principal. The AAFP assumes no liability for any act of omission or commission in connection with this agency, including, but not limited to, any loss or damages suffered by an exhibitor as a result of any act or omission of any party, including but not limited to, any vendor, service providers or other exhibitor. Exhibitors and their representatives hereby release the AAFP from any and all liabilities for loss or damage ensuing from any cause whatsoever, except for claims for damages or injuries resulting from the AAFP’s failure to fulfill its obligations as set forth in these regulations. In addition, each exhibitor and its representatives agree to indemnify and hold harmless the AAFP for all costs, damages and liability, including attorney’s fees, claimed against the AAFP based upon acts or omissions of the exhibitor or any of its employees or agents.

The AAFP disclaims any and all liability for injury or other damages to an individual based on products or services displayed at this meeting and for all claims that may arise out of the use of the displayed products or services.

Exhibitors shall indemnify and hold harmless the AAFP and its officers, directors, employees, agents and contractors from any judgment, loss or other expense (including attorney’s fees) arising from allegations, claims or lawsuits related to (I) product or services offered by exhibitors or (II) actions of exhibitors, their employees or agents.

Subletting Space

Subletting space is not permitted. Two or more technical and non-profit exhibitors may not exhibit in a single space. No more than two residency programs may share one 10' x 10' booth. Please contact Exhibit Sales for clarification.

Non-contracted Exhibit Space

Persons, companies, or organizations that have not contracted with the AAFP to occupy space in the Exposition Hall will not be permitted to display or demonstrate products, processes or services, solicit orders, or distribute advertising materials or other literature in the exposition facility, parking lots, or in any hotel contracted by AAFP.

Booth Relocation

In the event of conflicts regarding space requests, or conditions beyond its control, the AAFP reserves the right to revise the floor plan. The AAFP will not relocate booths, unless an unforeseen circumstance prevails and relocation is unavoidable. In this rare occasion, the exhibitor will be given the option to cancel and receive a full refund of their exhibit booth payment in the event the reassigned space is not acceptable to the exhibitor (within one week of the reassignment date).

Reduction Policy

In the event an exhibitor reduces its exhibit space, the AAFP reserves the right to maintain the continuity of the Exposition Hall. Every attempt will be made to accommodate the request.

  • If, at the discretion of the AAFP, the exhibit space can be re-sized and remain in the current location, the exhibitor will pay the applicable cancellation penalty plus the fee for the new space.
  • If, at the discretion of the AAFP, the exhibit space cannot be resized and remain in the current location without jeopardizing the continuity of the Exposition Hall, the exhibitor will be re-located to a space of its choice based on best available locations. Applicable cancellation penalty plus the new space fee will apply.

View the Cancellation Policy.

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