Exhibit Guide Listings

Take advantage of FREE promotional opportunities for your program/company information to be included in the online "live" floor plan, National Conference mobile app, and the highly visible Official Program & Exhibit Guide.

Deadline: June 20, 2014

Log In Instructions

After your booth space is assigned, your application contact will receive an email with the login and password.

  1. Log in here
  2. Enter your password (sent with your confirmation email)
  3. Click Edit Booth Info
  4. Enter your contact information (this will not appear in any promotion)
  5. Enter your print profile (450 characters including spaces)
  6. Click SAVE (middle of page)
  7. Select all program/product categories related to your program/company
  8. Select your state if you are a residency program
  9. Select if you are a first-time exhibitor
  10. Click SAVE (bottom of the page)

FREE Promotion

Describe your program/company in three key media venues: the AAFP website, the National Conference mobile app and the Official Program & Exhibit Guide. These opportunities offer your program/company beneficial exposure while helping attendees plan their time in the Exposition Hall. Venues include print profile (booth description), program/product category listings, residencies by state listing, and first-time exhibitors listing.

Your Description

  • Your program/company print profile will appear under the program/company name listed on your exhibit contract.
  • Descriptions should be factual and not commercial.
  • Copy will be edited at the discretion of the AAFP.
  • Indicate registered trademarks or other proprietary indicia using (R) for registered product names and (TM) for all trademarks, using parentheses to indicate symbols. Please use quotation marks for publication names.
  • Please Note: It is your responsibility to enter this information by the June 20, 2014 deadline. If your program/company information is not entered in the system by the deadline, only the program/company name and booth number will appear in the alphabetical exhibitor listing.

Exhibitors with Products or Services Regulated by the FDA

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations apply to any mention of product names that is accompanied by information on usage and indications viewed as product advertisement and must comply with full disclosure requirements.


In the event your exhibit contract is received after the publishing deadline for the Official Program & Exhibit Guide, your program/company name and booth number will be listed in an addendum at the entrance to the Exposition Hall.


Please contact:
Kristy Sloan, CEM
(913) 906-6222