In-Booth Activities


Containers (plastic bags, totes, briefcases, etc.) may display brand names or product identifications. Exhibitors may not distribute stick-on emblems, unofficial badges, or company nameplates. To avoid convention center removal fees billed to the exhibiting company, exhibitors may not use helium or air-filled balloons as booth decorations or distribute balloons to attendees or guests.

Booth Activities

Exhibitors wishing to conduct a booth activity in their assigned booth(s) must request permission from Kristy Sloan ( in writing, before July 9, 2014.

Clinical Testing/Hazardous Waste Disposal

Exhibitors wishing to conduct clinical tests in their assigned booth(s) must request permission from Kristy Sloan ( in writing before July 9, 2014. Blood samples, taken either by fingertip or intravenous drawing of blood, must be disposed of in accordance with local and state health ordinances and/or laws.


Exhibitors may conduct drawings, prizes, awards, lotteries, or contests within their assigned booth space during and after the conference. Exhibitors are responsible for notifying the winners and are asked to follow the AAFP guidelines on gifts to physicians.

Please submit your drawing description in writing to Kristy Sloan ( by July 9, 2014.

Film Crews

Exhibitors planning on having a film crew videotape their booth must contact the AAFP Public Relations Department at (800) 274-2237, ext. 5204.

In addition to the following AAFP rules and regulations, film crews must also follow Kansas City's fire safety and union regulations.


The American Medical Association (AMA) has adopted guidelines governing gifts to physicians from industry. These guidelines have also been adopted by the AAFP and other medical organizations. In accordance with the AMA’s guidelines, gifts must be of minimal value, practice-related (related to work or school), and/or entail a benefit to patients.

Exhibitors are asked to use their judgment in distributing giveaways to residents, students and their families, and may limit distribution to resident and student attendees only, if they so choose.

The AAFP may withhold or withdraw permission to distribute gifts, souvenirs, advertising or other materials, which, at its sole discretion, it considers objectionable or inappropriate.

Food and beverage items must receive written approval from Kristy Sloan ( and the Kansas City Convention Center Catering Manager.

View the National Conference Giveaway Information sheet(1 page PDF) for detailed information.

Please contact Kristy Sloan at if you have any questions regarding these policies.

Market Research/Surveys

Companies that conduct market research as their sole reason for exhibiting must follow these guidelines and regulations:

  1. All booths must be staffed at all times. Market researchers are not permitted to vacate booths once survey requirements have been completed; you must be prepared with enough survey material to last the entire three days of the conference. This regulation applies equally to all exhibitors.
  2. Market research companies must include in their application for space the names of client(s) for whom they are conducting research.
  3. Market research companies must provide Kristy Sloan ( with the name of the person who is in charge of the booth(s) on-site at the conference. The company must also certify that the names submitted for registration are employees or official representatives of the exhibiting company.
  4. Surveys and questionnaires must not take longer than 10 minutes to complete.
  5. Surveys and questionnaires must be submitted for approval to Kristy Sloan ( by July 9, 2014.
  6. All surveys must be conducted within the confines of the booth(s) assigned. At no time should exhibit personnel leave their assigned booth(s) to encourage residents and students in the aisles to return with them to their booth(s). Surveys and questionnaires cannot be administed in the aisles or AAFP common areas.
  7. The AAFP's name or reference to the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students may not be used in survey documents, including reports produced after the National Conference, if these references state or imply an AAFP endorsement or affiliation with the research.
  8. All National Conference registrants must be accorded equal treatment.

It is the responsibility of the market research company exhibitor to ensure that all booth personnel comply with the requirements listed above. Violations of the above regulations will result in disciplinary actions and possible immediate ejection from the Exposition Hall.

Media Registration Guidelines

The following all-event media guidelines have been adopted as protocol by leadership of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Members of the media found in violation of these guidelines will immediately be dismissed from the AAFP event they are attending and will forfeit media credentials for subsequent meetings. Exhibitors may hold their own press conferences and are responsible for making their own arrangements. The AAFP should be notified in advance to handle press queries. If you anticipate media needing access to your booth, please contact the AAFP Public Relations Department at (800) 274-2237, ext. 5204.

  • The AAFP reserves the right to limit access to AAFP-sponsored meetings and events.
  • The AAFP reserves the right to inspect the credentials of anyone registering as media.
  • Based on space requirements, the AAFP reserves the right to limit the number of press badges issued to a single media organization.
  • Media representatives must present identification to verify affiliation with print, broadcast, or recognized Internet media. Freelance writers must submit a letter of assignment or letter of intent from the media outlet being represented. Unassigned freelance writers must present bylined articles from a recognized news organization for consideration. Business cards or membership cards from communications or writers’ organizations are not sufficient to establish eligibility.
  • Press badges are available only to working media representatives who can show evidence that their attendance will result in coverage of the meeting or event in print, broadcast, or Internet media.
  • Media representatives may NOT also register as exhibitors. Dual-role publishers/editors may be registered if bylined samples are presented.
  • The AAFP will not issue press badges to: publishers or a publication’s advertising, marketing, public relations, or sales representatives; publishers, editors, or reporters from manufacturers’ house organs or promotional publications; public relations staff of exhibitors or educational institutions; writers creating analysis or reports sold as a commodity to customers; or other individuals or their representatives who are not actually reporting on the meeting or event. Any press badge holder who sells, markets, or represents a company or organization for the purpose of obtaining advertising or subscriptions from any meeting registrant or exhibitor immediately forfeits press credentials.
  • If attending a meeting where AAFP public relations staff will not be in attendance, advance re-credentialing is required, or admittance will not be granted.
  • Exhibitors and representative firms many not display or distribute promotional press materials in AAFP-sponsored media rooms.
  • AAFP program content may not be used to develop continuing medical education (CME) without the express written consent of the AAFP.
  • Live broadcasts from continuing medical education courses and any other AAFP event may not occur without written consent from the public relations manager.
  • Filming, photographing, and live broadcasting of any kind in exposition halls at AAFP meetings is allowed only at the discretion of the public relations manager.
  • Footage from AAFP National Conference educational sessions, procedure courses, and the Exposition Hall may not be promoted or shared on the Web. Please contact the public relations manager for more information.
  • Camera crews and photographers must be accompanied at all times by AAFP public relations staff.
  • NOTE: Items in the AAFP National Conference Exposition Hall are available to paid registrants only.


Exhibitors are required to obtain their own license if they intend to use copyrighted music. All ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or other copyright fees applicable to music or entertainment used as part of an exhibit are the full responsibility of the exhibitor. Payment of the fees must be made by the exhibitor directly to the applicable copyright agency.

Exhibitors may not use audible electronic or electrical devices, which might prove objectionable to attendees or other exhibitors because of noise, odor or other annoyance. The National Conference Exhibit Manager and Floor Manager reserve the right to determine at what point sound or odor interferes with others and must be discontinued.


An exhibit booth may not be photographed or videotaped except with the permission of the authorized occupants of that booth. This prohibition extends also to members of the medical or lay press.

Footage from the National Conference program/sessions/procedures and Exposition Hall may not be promoted or shared on the Web. Please contact the AAFP Public Relations Department at (800) 274-2237, ext. 5204.

NOTE: AAFP plans to take photographs at the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students and reproduce them in AAFP educational, news or promotional material, whether in print, electronic, or other media, including the AAFP website. By participating in the National Conference, you grant AAFP the right to use your photograph for such purposes. All postings become the property of the AAFP. Postings may be displayed, distributed, or used by AAFP for any purpose.

Selling of Products & Services

One purpose of the exhibits is to further the education of meeting attendees through product and service displays and demonstrations. Sales and order taking are permitted, provided all transactions are conducted in a manner consistent with the professional nature of the meeting. Products for sale must be the exhibitors’ own unaltered, marketed products, and the products or services must be pertinent to the attendees’ professional interest. The AAFP reserves the right to restrict sales activities that it deems inappropriate or unprofessional. Exhibitors must comply with all business license and sales and use tax requirements.

Soliciting Exhibitors

Exhibitors may not solicit other exhibitors. Any exhibitor or company personnel who solicit exhibitors at the show will be considered in violation of AAFP rules and regulations and may jeopardize their company's future exhibiting status.

Space Integrity/Promotional Activity

Interviews, demonstrations, detailing, or distribution of literature or samples must take place inside assigned booth space to avoid infringing on rights and privileges of other exhibitors, and these activities are not to interfere with normal traffic flow. Overt “button-holing” of registrants in the aisle by company/program personnel is prohibited and could result in violations.

Advertising, canvassing, and soliciting business are permitted only by exhibitors, and then only in the space assigned to them. Flyers, product/program information, giveaways, pens, business cards, etc. may not be left in AAFP common areas (e.g., concession tables, center aisles, lounge areas, registration, etc.). Walking actors, robots, and other such people or devices may not operate outside the booth space assigned. This includes travel to and from a company’s multiple booths during show hours.

Demonstration areas may not extend to the aisle line of the exhibit; space must be left within the exhibit area to absorb spectators. Therefore, we encourage exhibitors with demonstrations or presentations to consider a 20' x 20' size space or larger. Should the spectators interfere with the normal traffic flow in the aisle or overflow into neighboring exhibits, the presentation must be limited or eliminated.

Traffic Generators

Take advantage of traffic building opportunities to help you reach attendees and encourage them to visit your booth.


Please contact:
Kristy Sloan, CEM
(913) 906-6222