Rules and Regulations

Exhibitors agree to abide by the conditions of the exhibit contract published in these regulations and by all conditions under which space at the Kansas City Convention Center is leased by the AAFP. Exhibitors accept responsibility for informing all of their employees and agents of these conditions and agree that they will abide by them also. Your signature on your exhibit contract indicates you have accepted these terms and conditions. Your understanding and conformance is greatly appreciated.

The AAFP reserves the right to interpret these rules and regulations, as well as make final decisions based on the AAFP's sole discretion, on points these rules do not cover. In all interpretations of the rules and regulations, the decision of the AAFP is final.

AAFP Name, Logo, Photos -- Use of

The American Academy of Family Physicians and National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students name, brand, logos, and acronyms are registered, proprietary marks and may not be used. This rule applies before, during and after the meeting. Therefore, exhibitors agree that it will not use the name, brand, logos, acronyms or seal of the National Conference or of the AAFP in promotional and informational materials, signs, advertising, media promotions or on the Web without written consent of the AAFP.

NOTE: AAFP plans to take photographs at the National Conference and reproduce them in AAFP educational, news or promotional material, whether in print, electronic, or other media, including the AAFP website. By participating in the National Conference, you grant AAFP the right to use your photograph for such purposes. All postings become the property of the AAFP. Postings may be displayed, distributed or used by AAFP for any purpose.

Booth Construction

View the regulations regarding Booth Construction.

Booth Relocation

View the Booth Relocation Policy.

Cancellation Policy

Review the Cancellation Policy.

Eligibility and Liability

View the Eligibility and Liability policy.

Entering Another Exhibitor's Booth

Booth personnel should not enter another exhibitor's booth space without first obtaining permission.

Exposition Cancellation

It is mutually agreed that in the event the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students exposition does not open or cannot be continued due to causes beyond the reasonable control of the AAFP, such as fire, strikes, natural disasters (threatened or actual), governmental regulations, terrorism (threatened or actual), or other causes, the AAFP and exhibitors have no further contractual obligations to each other. At such time, AAFP management will determine an equitable basis for refunding a portion of the exhibit fees after due consideration of expenditures and commitments already made.

It is the exhibitor's responsibility to cancel all other arrangements made in connection with exhibiting, including hotel reservations, airfare, shipping and/or requests for any other services of official vendors, or any other contracted services associated with the National Conference. Exhibitor is liable for any and all fees or penalties associated with the cancellation of said services, including without limitation, attrition charges imposed by National Conference hotels to the extent applicable to exhibitors' cancellation.

Guest Policy

Exhibit badges are only issued to employees of the exhibiting program/company. Individuals may be asked to show a business card and personal identification.

In-booth Activities

View regulations for in-booth activities.

No Shows

Any program/company which reserves booth space and does not inform AAFP of its plans for non-attendance in writing in advance may not be permitted to participate in future AAFP exhibitions. In addition, the company will also forfeit 100% of the total cost of the exhibit space assigned.

No Smoking

The AAFP Congress of Delegates has a policy that prohibits smoking at all AAFP meetings. As the Exposition Hall is considered an integral part of the National Conference, no smoking is allowed in the convention center.


View the Payment Information.

Reduction Policy

View the Reduction Policy.


Exhibitors may not solicit other exhibitors. Any exhibitor or program/company personnel who solicit exhibitors at the show will be considered in violation of AAFP rules and regulations and may jeopardize their program/company's future exhibiting status and possible removal from the conference.

Space Assignment Guidelines

View the Space Assignment Guidelines.

Staffing/Booth Personnel

Exhibitors are allowed six complimentary badges per 10' x 10' booth. Companies/Programs that exceed the alloted amount will be invoiced the $255 per additional badge fee following the conference.

AAFP regulations require that your booth be staffed during all show hours. Travel arrangements (including airline reservations) should be made to accommodate the following show hours:

Thursday, July 30
5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Friday, July 31
9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Saturday, August 1
9:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

All times listed are CST.


View the Violations policy.

In all interpretations of the conditions set forth in these rules and regulations, the decision of the AAFP is final. Any objectionable practices by exhibitors or official suppliers should be reported to the AAFP immediately.


Please contact:
Kristy Sloan, CEM
(913) 906-6222