Feb 2001

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Getting the Most From Your Phone System

The Meeting You Won't Want to Miss: Annual Strategic Planning

14 Alternative Practice Styles

The Family Practice Management Practice Self-Test


Editor's Page

A New Shipment of Tools
Robert L. Edsall


Improving Your Practice Through the FPM Practice Self-Test
Marc L. Rivo

Getting Paid

Waiving Co-payments and Deductibles for Indigent Patients
John O'Trompke

Improving Patient Care

Implementing Preventive Care Flow Sheets
Scott E. Moser ; Tana L. Goering

Balancing Act

Living on Borrowed Time
Peter S. Moskowitz

Coding & Documentation

Pneumococcal Vaccinations and Flu ShotsRadiology ConsultsDay Two of a Three-Day Observation StayProlonged Services or Critical Care Maximums'Significant, Separately Identifiable' E/M Service


Setting Up a PracticeClosing TimePhysician Departure Letter

Practice Diary

Getting SqueezedTeresa, FNPRisk Managers


Article temporarily unavailable • The Root of Primary Care Errors • Stark II Final Rule Issued • Making Physicians Better Observers • Go Solo Within Your Group • E-mail Precautions • Tax Time • Got a Minute? • Utilization Increase • Hate managed care; love my plan • $4.17 Per Month • ER: Not Just Entertainment • Doogie, Jr. • Why Doctors RSVP


Not-So Incidental Expenses

Commendable Advice

Kindness Pays


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