November/December 2013

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How to Survive an EHR Meaningful Use Audit

Physicians Assemble: Integrating Small Groups to Preserve Independent Practice

The Benefits of Using Care Coordinators in Primary Care: A Case Study

Getting Ready for ICD-10: How It Will Affect Your Documentation


From The Editor

ICD-10: What's the Point? - Free Full Text
Kenneth G. Adler

SPPACES: App Reviews

ACP Immunization Advisor
Kenneth Lin

Practice Pearls

Reducing the headaches of prescription refills - Free Full TextBudget your time to avoid being overworked - Free Full TextBuilding a disease registry on the cheap - Free Full Text

Coding & Documentation

Group visitsModifier 25 usagePost-discharge visit

The Last Word

Getting Through to Your Patients
Margot L. Savoy ; Pete Yunyongying

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