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Providing good care doesn't count for much if patients can't access your care easily. This article collection features popular FPM content on issues in improving access to care, from advanced-access scheduling to after-hours call.

Advanced Access (e.g., Open Access or Same-Day Scheduling)

09/01/2000 Same-Day Appointments: Exploding the Access Paradigm
03/01/2005 Answers to Your Questions About Same-Day Scheduling
02/01/2004 The Outcomes of Open-Access Scheduling
10/01/2013 Three Building Blocks for Improving Access to Care Tool
05/01/2008 'Would You Like to See a Doctor Today?'

After-Hours Care

01/01/2004 Creating a Successful After-Hours Clinic
08/01/2009 Why I Give My Cell Phone Number to My Patients

Other Access Improvemet Strategies

05/01/2008 Making a Case for Online Physician-Patient Communication
03/01/2002 Reducing Waits and Delays in the Referral Process Tool
06/01/2002 Strategies for Better Patient Flow and Cycle Time
10/01/2010 Five Ways to Improve Access to Care
06/01/2015 How to Provide More Access Without Working More Hours

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