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This article collection features popular FPM content on the subject of coding -- from getting all the 99214s you deserve to differentiating between new and established patient visits.

Office Visit Codes

06/01/2004 Understanding When to Use 99211
12/01/2014 When Is It Right to Code 99215?
09/01/2005 Coding "Routine" Office Visits: 99213 or 99214? Tool
10/01/2003 How to Get All the 99214s You Deserve Tool
01/01/2007 Level-II vs. Level-III Visits: Cracking the Codes
09/01/2003 Understanding When to Use the New Patient E/M Codes Tool
01/01/2003 Coding Better for Better Reimbursement
02/01/2002 Test Your Coding Skills

CPT Coding

02/01/2013 12 Errors to Avoid in Coding Skin Procedures Point of Care
02/01/2015 Chronic Care Management and Other New CPT Codes Point of Care Tool
02/01/2016 Coding and Billing Rules in 2016: Out With the Old, In With the New new
03/01/2004 Coding for Depression Without Getting Depressed
10/01/2007 Coding Flu Shots: Immunize Against Lost Revenue
02/01/2003 Coding Hospital Admissions From Other Sites of Service
04/01/2011 Five Common Coding Mistakes That Are Costing You
04/01/2007 How to Analyze Your E/M Coding Profile
04/01/2004 Making Sense of Preventive Medicine Coding
10/01/2006 Sports Physicals: A Coding Conundrum Tool
12/01/2008 Time Is on Your Side: Coding on the Basis of Time
06/01/2013 Transitional Care Management Services: New Codes, New Requirements Point of Care
10/01/2004 Understanding When to Use Modifier -25
06/01/2003 Time Is of the Essence: Coding on the Basis of Time for Physician Services Tool

ICD-10 Coding

See FPM's "ICD-10" Collection

E/M Documentation

08/01/2013 Do You Know What Is (or Isn't) in Your Documentation?
08/01/2012 Documenting and Coding Preventive Visits: A Physician's Perspective Point of Care
04/01/2010 Documenting History in Compliance With Medicare's Guidelines Tool
10/01/2011 E/M Coding and the Documentation Guidelines: Putting It All Together Tool
06/01/2010 Exam Documentation: Charting Within the Guidelines Tool
08/01/2010 Is Your Medicare Payer Playing by the Rules? Tool
08/01/2006 A Refresher on Medical Necessity
08/01/2011 Structure and Synchronicity for Better Charting
08/01/2010 Thinking on Paper: Documenting Decision Making Tool
08/01/1999 A Quick-Reference Card for Identifying Level-4 Visits Tool

Other Coding Resources

E/M Visit Progress Note
Guidelines for Time-Based Coding
Level-4 Reference Card

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