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Employed Practice

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This article collection features popular FPM content specifically related to employed practice -- from negotiating employment agreements to developing your leadership skills.

Job Hunting

08/01/2006 Finding the Perfect Job Tool
10/01/2015 Finding the Right Job: Two Key Issues
08/01/2011 Five Signs You May Have Joined the Wrong Practice
12/01/2000 How to Find the Job That's Right for You
08/01/2013 Personal Issues to Consider Before Leaving Independent Practice
08/01/2015 The Physician Employment Trend: What You Need to Know
10/01/1999 What to Do When You've Lost Your Job

Leadership Opportunities

09/01/1998 Do You Belong on the Board of Directors?
12/01/2015 How to Be a Leader When You Are Not "the" Leader
01/01/1998 How to Exercise Power When You Have Limited Authority
08/01/1998 How to Manage Your Staff When You're Not the Manager
06/01/2001 Managing Your Boss
04/01/1999 Overcoming Roadblocks on the Path to the Boardroom
03/01/1998 Salaried Physicians: Managers in Disguise

Negotiating and Contracting

05/01/2000 Assessing Benefits Packages
04/01/1998 Benefits Programs: Look Before You Leap
08/01/1999 Bonuses and Incentives: Three Key Questions
05/01/2003 Dealing With a Health System That Fails to Honor Your Employment Agreement
06/01/2003 Demystifying Common Terms in Employment Agreements
06/01/1999 Evaluating Bonuses and Incentives: The Basics
08/01/2012 Evaluating Employment Agreements
12/01/2000 Evaluating Restrictive Covenants: Four Key Areas
04/01/2001 Limiting Restrictive Covenants
01/01/2000 Negotiation Gambits
12/01/2002 A Primer on Employment Contracts
04/01/2000 Sharpen Your Salary Negotiation Skills With Leverage Tool
08/01/2000 Understanding Confidentiality and Nonsolicitation Clauses
12/01/1999 You Can't Always Get What You Want ... But Sometimes You Can

Practice Improvement

05/01/1999 Developing "Groupthink" in a Multispecialty Group
04/01/2000 How an Employed Group Redesigned Itself to Achieve Financial Viability Tool
02/01/2012 Practical Institutional Politics for Doctors
06/01/2012 Six Characteristics of Effective Practice Teams
12/01/1999 A Team Approach to Reducing a Financial Deficit


05/01/2002 A Productivity Primer
08/01/2011 Why Did Your Productivity Decrease When We Hired You?
06/01/2010 Why the Medicare Fee Schedule and RVUs Matter to Employed Family Physicians

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