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Prescription Management

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How do you prescribe and manage patients' medications safely and efficiently? This article collection features popular FPM content on the topic.

Efficient Prescribing

02/01/2009 E-Prescribing: Why the Fuss?
04/01/2013 Medication Adherence: We Didn't Ask and They Didn't Tell
06/01/2006 New Drugs: How to Decide Which Ones to Prescribe
12/01/2011 Rethinking Your Approach to Prescription "Refills" Tool
12/01/2012 A Streamlined Approach to Prescription Management

Helping Patients Afford Medications

04/01/2006 Can Your Patients Afford the Medications You Prescribe?
06/01/2005 Helping Needy Patients Get Needed Medications Tool
12/01/2002 How to Help Your Low-Income Patients Get Prescription Drugs
12/01/2002 Resources for Affordable Prescription Medicine
03/01/2002 What Every Physician Should Know About Generic Drugs

Opioid Management

12/01/2014 How to Monitor Opioid Use for Your Patients With Chronic Pain Tool
12/01/2010 A Proactive Approach to Controlled Substance Refills Tool
10/01/2001 Recognizing and Preventing Medication Diversion
04/01/2008 A Systematic Approach to Identifying Drug-Seeking Patients
12/01/2001 A Tool for Safely Treating Chronic Pain Point of Care Tool

Safer Prescribing

03/01/2007 Helping Your Patients Avoid Counterfeit Medications
08/01/2002 Prescription Writing to Maximize Patient Safety
08/01/2002 Reducing Risks for Patients Receiving Warfarin
02/01/2007 Simple Strategies to Avoid Medication Errors

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