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Commentary from FPM's medical editor.

March/April 2017 Issue
What Is the Best Approach to Annual Wellness Visits for Seniors?

Maybe it is time to change the way I do things – yet again.

January/February 2017 Issue
Should We Fear the Unintended Consequences of MACRA?

MACRA's methods of controlling health care costs could have unexpected results.

January/February 2017 Issue
Thank You, FPM Peer Reviewers

We would like to thank peer reviewers for their valuable contributions to FPM during 2016.

November/December 2016 Issue
Sharing Visit Notes: Are We Ready and Willing?

Will this really improve patient care?

September/October 2016 Issue
The Unexpected Challenge of Motivational Interviewing

Successful use requires us to change our thinking about ourselves.

July/August 2016 Issue
Physician Burnout: Let’s Treat the Root Causes

Flaws in the health care system promote burnout, especially in primary care.

May/June 2016 Issue
Does High Patient Satisfaction Mean High Quality of Care ?

Are they even related?

March/April 2016 Issue
Holy MACRA! Will Our Future Be Better or Worse?

Like it or not, value-based payments are here to stay.

January/February 2016 Issue
Introducing the New Family Practice Management Website

Now it’s easier than ever to access the tools and information you need to manage your patients, your practice, and your career.

November/December 2015 Issue
A Mélange of Helpful Advice

Need to improve your leadership skills, workflow, marketing, stress levels, or quality scores? Read on.

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