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Rekindling the Fire of Family Medicine - Editorial

Finding the Perfect Job - Feature

Passion: The Power of Family Medicine - Opinion

A New Identity for Family Physicians - Editorial

How to Recruit New Residency Graduates - Feature

Going Solo: Making the Leap - Feature

ABSTRACT: Frustrated by current practice and convinced of a better way, the author left his salaried position and opened a solo practice with no staff. Because his overhead costs are extremely low, the author is able to see fewer patients per day and create more meaningful interactions. By offering unfettered access, the author finds that his patients trust him more and actually call him less.

Income Disparities Shape Medical Student Specialty Choice - Graham Center Policy One-Pagers

Responses to Questions About the Specialty of Family Practice as a Career - Article

ABSTRACT: This article provides answers to many of the questions medical students ask about the specialty of family practice. It is the fourth update of a previous article and was developed in response to feedback from medical students at the 1997 National Congress of Student Members held by the American Academy of Family Physicians. Students at the 1998 Congress also identified areas of interest and concern. This article discusses the hours and income of the family physician, the scope of medical practice in the specialty, required continuing medical education and board certification, family practice residency training and combined-specialty training.

Family Practice as a Career Choice - Editorials

Becoming a Physician Executive: Where to Look Before Making the Leap - Feature

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