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End-of-Life Care and Family Practice - Editorials

School Problems and the Family Physician - Article

ABSTRACT: Children with school problems pose a challenge for the family physician. A multidisciplinary team of professionals can most appropriately assess and manage complex learning problems, which are often the cause of poor school performance. The family physician's primary role in this process is to identify or exclude medical causes of learning difficulties. An understanding of the complicated nature of school problems, the methods used to assess, diagnose and treat them, and the resources available to support the child and family are essential to successful management. Various references and resources are helpful for a more in-depth study of specific school problems.

The Costs of Helping Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Achieve Tight Control - Editorials

Finding Success in a Capitated Environment - Feature

A Team Approach to Quality Improvement - Feature

How to Solve Problems in Your Practice With a New Meeting Approach - Feature

An Organized Approach to Chronic Disease Care - Feature

Keys to High-Functioning Office Teams - Feature

Special Issue: Chronic Illness Care - From The Editor

Five Signs You May Have Joined the Wrong Practice - The Last Word

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