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How Health Care Reform Will Affect Family Physicians - Feature

Why the Medicare Fee Schedule and RVUs Matter to Employed Family Physicians - Opinion

Your Piece of the Deficit - From The Editor

Spending Time with Patients in Labor - Curbside Consultation

AAFP News Now: AFP Edition - AAFP News: AFP Edition

AAFP News Now: AFP Edition - AAFP News: AFP Edition

When to Consider Radiation Therapy for Your Patient - Article

ABSTRACT: Radiation therapy can be an effective treatment modality for both malignant and benign disease. While radiation can be given as primary treatment, it may also be used pre- or postoperatively, with or without other forms of therapy. Radiation therapy is often curative but is sometimes palliative. There are many methods of delivering radiation effectively. Often, patients tolerate irradiation well without significant complications, and organ function is preserved. To ensure that all patients with cancer have the opportunity to consider all treatment options, family physicians should be aware of the usefulness of radiation therapy.

Dealing with Your Own Parent's Illness - Curbside Consultation

The Importance of Having a Usual Source of Health Care - Graham Center Policy One-Pagers

The Importance of Primary Care Physicians as the Usual Source of Healthcare in the Achievement of Prevention Goals - Graham Center Policy One-Pagers

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