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Implementing Advanced Access in a Group Practice Network - Feature

ABSTRACT: The leadership efforts in this complex process emphasize the importance of communication, education and buy-in to implement advanced access in a group practice network. These key components, along with timely feedback, staff support and necessary resources, are especially significant when the end point and the benefits are not immediately apparent to those directly affected by the change. Once these elements are in place, however, any practice has the ability to establish advanced access, increase its patient base and improve its economic performance.

Should You Charge Your Patients for "Free" Services? - Feature

When Customer Service and Patient Care Collide - Editorial

Open Access: Whatever You May Think, It Works - Editor's Page

Expanding Your Practice Through Niche Services - Feature

Sticking the Landing: How to Create a Clean End to a Medical Visit - Improving Patient Care

Starting Off on the Right Foot - Improving Patient Care

Exploring the Limits of an Insane System - Editor's Page

Implementing Open-Access Scheduling in an Academic Practice - Feature

High-Energy, High-Return Practice - Editor's Page

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