Substance-Related Disorders

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Screening for Inhalant Abuse in Children and Adolescents - Editorials

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs - Editorials

When a Patient's Chronic Pain Gets Worse - Curbside Consultation

Screening for Illicit Drug Use - Putting Prevention into Practice

Dealing with the Impaired Physician - Curbside Consultation

Newsletter - AAFP News: AFP Edition

Reaching Out to an Impaired Physician - Feature

End-stage Renal Disease - Clinical Evidence Handbook

Outpatient Detoxification of the Addicted or Alcoholic Patient - Article

ABSTRACT: Outpatient detoxification of patients with alcohol or other drug addiction is being increasingly undertaken. This type of management is appropriate for patients in stage I or stage II of withdrawal who have no significant comorbid conditions and have a support person willing to monitor their progress. Adequate dosages of appropriate substitute medications are important for successful detoxification. In addition, comorbid psychiatric, personality and medical disorders must be managed, and social and environmental concerns need to be addressed. By providing supportive, nonjudgmental, yet assertive care, the family physician can facilitate the best possible chance for a patient's successful recovery.

Is My Colleague Overprescribing Narcotics? - Curbside Consultation

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