Economics of health care

Mar 2006 Issue
How Consumer-Driven Health Plans Will Affect Your Practice [Feature]

The article describes new insurance models that give more control to patients and describes how the trend will affect family physicians.

Sep 2005 Issue
Ten Hard Questions About the Future of the Specialty [Editorial]

Asks, and proposes answers to, ten questions the author thinks will have bearing on the fate of the specialty.

Mar 2005 Issue
What You Need To Know About the Prescription Drug Act [Feature]

The authors outline the implications of the new Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act for both patients and physicians.

Jul-Aug 2004 Issue
Should You Charge Your Patients for "Free" Services? [Feature]

In this era of tightening reimbursements, it's difficult for family physicians to continue practicing, let alone afford to improve their practices. This article explains how family physicians are finding new sources of income in services they used to be able to afford to offer without charge.

Jun 2004 Issue
Practicing in an Absurd System [Editor's Page]

Argues that there are four reasonable responses to the current chaotic health care system: mastering it, changing it, working outside it and dropping out.

Mar 2004 Issue
Understanding Your Medical Bills [Patient Education]

Patient education piece designed to help the patient understand how to read and understand doctor's bills and statements from their insurance companies.

Jun 2003 Issue
Trouble at the Money/Medicine Interface [Editor's Page]

Argues that the reimbursement system's misalignment of incentives makes the health care system absurdly complicated and points to two articles in this issue as evidence.

Oct 2002 Issue
Understanding the Physician Liability Insurance Crisis [Feature]

The author examines factors that have contributed to the current physician liability insurance crisis and strategies for managing risk more effectively .

Apr 2002 Issue
Why We're In the Mess We're In [Feature]

The author highlights three of the most significant problems facing family practice -- economic pressures, the inherent complexity of health care and ongoing tensions between community-based family practice and academic family medicine -- and suggests appropriate responses to help the specialty thrive in coming generations.

Jan 2001 Issue
The Future of Health Care Financing [Feature]

The article explores new models of health care financing, such as MyHealthBank, which are seeking to restructure the financing of health care by putting patients in direct control of their health care dollars.

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