Computer networks

September/October 2016 Issue
Instant Messaging: A Simple Tool to Improve Teamwork and Wait Times [Feature]

On-screen alerts can help a spread-out staff work together to keep patient care moving smoothly.

Jan 2008 Issue
Demystifying Computer Networks for Small Practices [Feature]

The authors outline considerations to keep in mind when deciding how to network computers in a small family practice.

Feb 2004 Issue
A Primer on Wireless Networks [Computers]

The author, a family physician, explains the benefits and pitfalls of using local wireless networks in a busy clinical practice (for example, to access electronic medical records wirelessly).

Feb 2003 Issue
Develop Your Own Practice Intranet [Feature]

The article explains how family physicans can easily create their own electronic archive of up-to-date references, forms and other documents important to the smooth running of their practice and can make the archive available over a local area network for all staff to access through Web browsers.

Jun 2000 Issue
How a Salaried FP Computerized His Practice -- on His Own [Feature]

This article will describe how a salaried physician created a computerized patient records system for himself, without the help of his organization.

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