Electronic health records

March/April 2017 Issue
The HIPAA Security Rule: Are You in Compliance? [Feature]

Taking steps to protect your patient information and prepare for a possible breach can avoid costly audit violations.

March/April 2016 Issue
Lower Your Overhead With a Patient Portal [Feature]

Patients connecting with your practice through the Internet require fewer staff and generate lower costs.

January/February 2016 Issue
The Evolution of Meaningful Use: Today, Stage 3, and Beyond [Feature]

The late-breaking regulations for electronic health records require practices to get up to speed quickly.

September/October 2015 Issue
Staying Connected: Eight Tips for Mindful Office Visits With an EHR [The Last Word]

A few simple changes can help you focus on your patient instead of your EHR.

July/August 2015 Issue
Should You Treat Patients Virtually? [Feature]

As virtual visits become more popular, physicians should consider their value and what it would take to provide them.

March/April 2015 Issue
Electronic Access to Adolescents' Health Records: Legal, Policy, and Practice Implications [Feature]

Letting minors view their health records online means finding a compromise between patient privacy and parental rights.

January/February 2015 Issue
Removing Six Key Barriers to Online Portal Use [Feature]

Portals can benefit your practice and your patients, but you have to get them using the technology first.

January/February 2015 Issue
Patient Portals: The Good, the Bad, and the Inevitable [From The Editor]

Some physicians and patients have been reticent to embrace online portals, but the changing nature of health care will accelerate the process.

January/February 2015 Issue
EHR Switch Survey: Responses From 305 Family Physicians [Feature]

Changing your EHR could lead to greater practice satisfaction – or not. The results of this survey may surprise you.

July/August 2014 Issue
The FPM Survey of Family Physicians Who Have Changed EHR Systems [Feature]

Spend a few minutes responding to the survey, and you can help hundreds of colleagues - and just maybe win yourself an iPad Air.

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