Electronic health records

March/April 2010 Issue
Should Doctors Reject the Government's EHR Incentive Plan? [Opinion]

It's a big hill to climb for a carrot that may not be there when you reach the top.

Nov-Dec 2009 Issue
Ten Steps to a Patient-Centered Medical Home [Feature]

The author recommends an organized, step-by-step approach to converting a typical family medicine practice to a patient-centered medical home.

Nov-Dec 2009 Issue
The 2009 EHR User Satisfaction Survey: Responses From 2,012 Family Physicians [Feature]

The authors report the results of FPM's 2009 Survey of User Satisfaction with EHR systems; the report reflects responses from approximately 2,000 AAFP members and includes system-specific results for about 20 EHR systems.

Jul-Aug 2009 Issue
"Will the Feds Really Buy Me an EHR?" and Other Commonly Asked Questions About the HITECH Act [Feature]

The article answers physicians' questions about the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, which allocated $19.5 billion for the adoption of health care information technology and modified the HIPAA requirements.

Jul-Aug 2009 Issue
Toward a Modular EHR [Opinion]

Imagine being able to buy just the parts of an EHR system that you need.

May-Jun 2009 Issue
The Third FPM Survey of User Satisfaction With EHR Systems [Feature]

The article provides the 2009 version of the EHR survey form.

Jul-Aug 2008 Issue
How We Improved Our Practice and Our Bottom Line With a New EMR System [Feature]

The author, an admitted EHR enthusiast, describes the successful implementation of an EHR system and the capabilities the practice has gained from the system.

Jun 2008 Issue
EHR Meltdown: How to Protect Your Patient Data [Feature]

The authors describe what happened when they lost 4 months of EHR data, outline the steps they took to prevent a recurrence of the problem, and provide recommendations for EHR data security.

May 2008 Issue
Making a Case for Online Physician-Patient Communication [Feature]

The author describes the presumed benefits of a Web portal, the research he did before purchasing one for his practice and his experience with the portal, including patient acceptance of e-messaging, e-visits, etc.

Apr 2008 Issue
Why Teamwork Will Make or Break Your Practice [Opinion]

Without it, practice transformation and optimal outcomes will be difficult to achieve.

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