Electronic health records

Apr 2008 Issue
Why Teamwork Will Make or Break Your Practice [Opinion]

Without it, practice transformation and optimal outcomes will be difficult to achieve.

Mar 2008 Issue
e-Nirvana: Are We There Yet? [Opinion]

Health information technology may revolutionize care … someday.

Feb 2008 Issue
User Satisfaction With EHRs: Report of a Survey of 422 Family Physicians [Feature]

Reports on the results of the FPM survey of EHR users that was distributed in the April 2007 issue of the journal.

Jul-Aug 2007 Issue
Improving Care With an Automated Patient History [Feature]

The author describes a Web-based program that allows physicians to enable patients to record accurate histories on their own; most physicians with EHR systems can have the patient-recorded history automatically incorporated into the progress note.

May 2007 Issue
Sharing the Fruits of EHR Experience [From The Editor]

Family physicians have accumulated a wealth of EHR wisdom. The trick is to get it to those who need it.

Apr 2007 Issue
Electronic Health Records: The 2007 FPM User-Satisfaction Survey [Feature]

The 2007 version of the EHR user-satisfaction survey form.

Mar 2007 Issue
EHRs Fix Everything - and Nine Other Myths [Feature]

The author outlines common misconceptions that physicians have about medical software that prevent successful software implementation and suggests ways to deal with them.

Feb 2007 Issue
How to Successfully Navigate Your EHR Implementation [Feature]

Based on his experience implementing an EHR system and study of other implementation projects, the author outlines the steps necessary for a successful implementation.

Sep 2006 Issue
Why I Never Had an Atari Video Game System [The Last Word]

Technology won’t solve all our problems, and it may even cause a few.

Mar 2006 Issue
EHRs in the Exam Room: Tips on Patient-Centered Care [Feature]

While some feel a computer in the exam room takes the focus off the patient, these authors offer a Top 10 list of the ways doctor-patient interaction can be enhanced with EHR use.

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