Electronic health records

Sep 2006 Issue
Why I Never Had an Atari Video Game System [The Last Word]

Technology won’t solve all our problems, and it may even cause a few.

Mar 2006 Issue
EHRs in the Exam Room: Tips on Patient-Centered Care [Feature]

While some feel a computer in the exam room takes the focus off the patient, these authors offer a Top 10 list of the ways doctor-patient interaction can be enhanced with EHR use.

Oct 2005 Issue
An EHR User-Satisfaction Survey: Advice From 408 Family Physicians [Feature]

Reports on the results of the FPM survey of EHR users that was disseminated in the February 2005 issue.

Jun 2005 Issue
Electronic Records: Helping Other FPs Learn From Your Experience [Editor's Page]

A plea for responses to the online user satisfaction survey launched with the Feb issue.

May 2005 Issue
Beyond Charting: Using Your EHR's Data to Improve Quality [Computers]

Author describes how his residency program uses Crystal Reports to produce reports from their EMR system -- reports that have been useful in QI programs that have improved A1c, LDL and other outcome parameters.

Feb 2005 Issue
Practicing Without Paper Charts: One Clinic's Experience [Feature]

The article describes one clinic's experience moving from paper charts to an electronic medical record run on wireless, tablet PCs.

Feb 2005 Issue
How to Select an Electronic Health Record System [Feature]

The author describes a step-wise process for selecting and purchasing an electronic medical record system.

Feb 2005 Issue
Electronic Health Records: A User-Satisfaction Survey [Feature]

The 2005 FPM survey of user satisfaction with EHR systems; this is the survey instrument, disseminated as an article in the Feb 2005 issue.

Feb 2005 Issue
Purchasing an Affordable Electronic Health Record [Feature]

This article will compare low-cost EMRs to high-cost EMRs and discuss whether practices can benefit as much as or more from a low-cost EMR.

Feb 2005 Issue
Electronic Health Records: Taking the Plunge [Editor's Page]

Choosing the right electronic health record system for your practice may not be easy, but this issue makes it easier.

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