Electronic health records

Mar 2004 Issue
Communicating With Your Patients Online [Computers]

This is the first in a two-part series that reviews what the current options are for online communication with patients, how to integrate online communication with patients into a busy practice, and what the relevant guidelines are for privacy and financial success.

Mar 2004 Issue
Are Electronic Records Catching On? [Editor's Page]

Suggests that the EHR market may be maturing and lists AAFP activities promoting EHRs.

Jun 2003 Issue
Open-Source Software: Just What the Doctor Ordered? [Computers]

The article describes the open source approach to software and explains why it may help in the development of an EHR system that is affordable for solo and small-group practices

May 2003 Issue
Implementing an EMR System: One Clinic's Experience [Feature]

An account of the major issues involved in implementing an EMR system in a small outpatient residency practice. Examples include pre-planning, configuring software, training staff and redesigning work systems.

Oct 2002 Issue
Why I Love My EMR [Feature]

A family physician describes the benefits and pitfalls of implementing an electronic medical records (EMR) system in his busy family practice office and answers frequently asked questions about EMRs.

Jul-Aug 2002 Issue
Four Principles for Better Test-Result Tracking [Feature]

The article gathers best practices in tracking patients' test results to ensure they don't fall through the cracks.

Apr 2002 Issue
How Much Will That EMR System Really Cost? [Computers]

Installing an EMR system in a practice not only includes the initial purchase price, but ongoing costs as well. The author identifies what the continuing costs of an EMR are and provides a tool practices can use to calculate their own costs.

Jan 2002 Issue
Looking for a Good Electronic Medical Records System? [Computers]

The article includes a list of EMR (electronic medical record) features that potential buyers can use when deciding what kind of EMR to purchase. The article also provides information on conducting a needs assessment so that physician practices can choose an EMR system that most closely matches their requirements.

May 2001 Issue
Electronic Paper & Pencil: How to Develop Your Own Low-Cost Electronic Medical Record [Feature]

The article explains how one practice created its own low-cost electronic medical record using simple word processing software.

Mar 2001 Issue
Electronic Medical Records: 10 Questions I Didn't Know to Ask [Feature]

The author identifies questions she should have asked when her practice was shopping for an electronic medical record system and negotiating with vendors.

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