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September/October 2017 Issue
Technology Tools and Trends for Better Patient Care: Beyond the EHR [Feature]

From remote monitoring of chronic diseases to virtual assistants in the exam room, technology will improve practice.

March/April 2015 Issue
21st Century Medicine, 20th Century People [The Last Word]

Sometimes technology isn't the problem.

July/August 2014 Issue
EHR Dissatisfaction: Is It Time to Switch Your EHR? [From The Editor]

A new FPM survey will explore why physicians change EHRs and whether doing so increases their EHR satisfaction.

March/April 2014 Issue
Docphin [SPPACES: App Reviews]

The Docphin app facilitates mobile access to full-text content from more than 5,000 medical journals and health news stories in popular publications.

September/October 2013 Issue
Practice Transformation: Running Your Business Like a Business [Feature]

Running a practice successfully requires more than just medical knowledge and basic management techniques. It requires an entrepreneurial approach. Miramont Family Medicine in Fort Collins, Colo., has realized higher revenue, larger patient panels, and other benefits by laying a foundation for the future, including investing heavily in technology infrastructure, the addition of new ancillary services, improved efficiency practices, and reorganizing as a patient-centered medical home.

July/August 2013 Issue
HITIOS: Why Cynicism Is Helpful When Working With Health IT [The Last Word]

Beware the tendency of health information technologists to grossly underestimate the time and effort required to update and operate their products.

March/April 2012 Issue
Clinical Decision Support: Using Technology to Identify Patients' Unmet Needs [Feature]

The authors explain how to successfully incorporate a clinical decision support system into a practice's workflow and describe available systems that provide point-of-care support.

March/April 2011 Issue
The Hope and the Hype of Health IT [The Last Word]

Diagnosing illness and treating patients: There's just not an app for that.

March/April 2011 Issue
The Problem With Health IT [From The Editor]

It will do great things – someday. But what do you do until then?

Jul-Aug 2008 Issue
The Paper Chase [The Last Word]

Technology was supposed to eliminate paper in our offices, so what happened?

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