Information technology, general

Mar 2008 Issue
Beyond EHRs: How Technology Can Help You Treat Chronic Illness [Feature]

The authors describe how technology can help family physicians manage chronic disease through self-care (feedback, motivation and eduation) and remote care (remote monitoring, remote diagnostics and communications).

Sep 2006 Issue
Why I Never Had an Atari Video Game System [The Last Word]

Technology won’t solve all our problems, and it may even cause a few.

May 2004 Issue
What Do You Need to Know About Information Technology? [Computers]

This is an FPM survey intended to assess readers' level of computer knowledge, experience and interest in learning more about specific computerization topics.

Mar 2004 Issue
Communicating With Your Patients Online [Computers]

This is the first in a two-part series that reviews what the current options are for online communication with patients, how to integrate online communication with patients into a busy practice, and what the relevant guidelines are for privacy and financial success.

May 2001 Issue
'Work Smarter, Not Harder' to Save Your Practice Money [Feature]

The article details how one practice implemented the principle of "working smarter, not harder" to optimize quality, efficiency and revenue.

May 2001 Issue
Tech Shock and the Virtues of Incrementalism [Editor's Page]

An argument that, even though today's technology will be obsolete before doctors are all plugged into information technology big time, it's worth their while to experiment with today's technology.

Oct 2000 Issue
Using Web-Based Patient Communication [Computers]

This is the third article in the eHealth series, and it will cover the advantages of using Web-based personal health records.

Jan 1999 Issue
Make Your Presentations More Powerful [Computers]

This first installment in an ongoing series intended to help family physicians use computers more effectively will explain how doctors can use Micorsoft PowerPoint to improve the quality of their presentations to groups.

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