November/December 2015 Issue
Establishing and Protecting Your Online Reputation [Feature]

Proactively building a positive Internet presence for your practice can blunt the effect of a few bad reviews.

July/August 2014 Issue
Social Media: Strategies for Building Greater Connections With Your Patients [Feature]

Joining patients' Internet networks can lead to faster and better communication.

May-Jun 2009 Issue
Online Reviews of Physicians: What Are Your Patients Posting About You? [Feature]

Online physician rating services are becoming more common and more widely used. The authors give physicians advice for dealing with unfavorable reviews.

Mar-Apr 2009 Issue
Reducing Improper Internet Use in Your Office: A Quick, Easy and Free Solution [Feature]

The author, a family physician, explains how to use Open DNS, a free Internet domain name server, to limit frivolous Web browsing by practice staff while permitting practice-related use of the Web.

Jun 2008 Issue
How to Find Clinical Information Quickly at the Point of Care [Feature]

The article offers tips for using technology at the point of care to facilitate patient education and evidence-based decision making.

Apr 2008 Issue
A Quick Tour of the Changes in FPM [From The Editor]

Board here. The tour bus is about to depart.

Apr 2008 Issue
How to Protect Your Data When You're on the Web [Feature]

The article describes strategies family physicians should employ to avoid Internet security breaches.

Mar 2008 Issue
Changes Coming to FPM Online [From The Editor]

The FPM Web site will soon be redesigned in more ways than one.

Oct 2007 Issue
Are Your Patients Ready for Electronic Communication? [Feature]

The author offers the results of a patient survey conducted to determine readiness to communicate with their physicians over the Internet. The survey instrument used will be published with the article for use by other practices.

May 2007 Issue
Family Medicine Meets the Blogosphere [Feature]

The author describes what blogs are, what implications they have for family physicians, what sorts of blogs might be useful or interesting to family physicians and their patients and how to find blogs that they might find worthwhile.

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