Mobile computing devices

September/October 2013 Issue
iGeriatrics [SPPACES: App Reviews]

The iGeriatrics app provides clinicians with mobile access to several clinical tools useful in the care of older adults.

May/June 2012 Issue
Medical Apps: Making Your Mobile Device a Medical Device [Feature]

The article recommends a method for evaluating medical apps for handheld computers and smart phones and presents the author's list of the top 10 most important medical apps.

Jul-Aug 2006 Issue
The Top PDA Resources for Family Physicians [Feature]

Dr. Lin will adopt his presentation from the 2005 Assembly on his favorite PDA applications into an article.

Nov-Dec 2005 Issue
Take Your Personal Digital Assistant to the Next Level [Feature]

This article will discuss how one physician uses his personal digital assistant (PDA) proactively to track his patients in a personal care facility.

Jun 2005 Issue
An Easy Way to Evaluate Software for Your PDA [Computers]

This article describes an approach to critically evaluating PDA medical applications for practicality, applicability and usefulness in medical practices.

Apr 2005 Issue
Free Medical Applications for Your PDA [Computers]

The author gives his "top-10" list of free medical software applications that family physicians can use on their personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Mar 2004 Issue
Rediscovering the Paper Planner [Balancing Act]

The author, a time management expert, explains why people are giving up their PDAs and returning to paper planning. She also provides instructions for getting the best of both worlds by combining paper and electronic scheduling.

May 2003 Issue
Evidence-Based-Medicine Tools for Your Palm-Top Computer [Computers]

The author evaluates a list of evidence-based resources for the personal digital assistant and offers tips for better utilization of these resources at the point of care.

Jan 2003 Issue
10 Quick Tips for a More User-Friendly PDA [Computers]

The author provides tips for customizing a PDA so that it is more useful to the physician at the point of care.

Jun 2002 Issue
Security Software for Hand-Held Computers [Computers]

The article provides an overview of the different software programs available for securing information stored on PDAs and also describes why users should install one of these programs.

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