Mar-Apr 2009 Issue
Practicing Excellence: Your Role in Practice Transformation [Feature]

This article describes how one medical group transformed itself from good to great through steps like creating organizational goals, measuring and reporting physician performance and training physicians.

Nov-Dec 2007 Issue
The Makings of a Good Meeting [Feature]

The author describes strategies that both participants and leaders can use to make meetings more efficient and effective.

May 2007 Issue
Getting Beyond Blame in Your Practice [Feature]

The article explains how blame, accusation and finger-pointing can doom quality improvement efforts, and it offers tips for fostering a "blame-free" culture within a medical practice so that physicians and employees can learn from mistakes and pursue quality improvement.

Feb 2006 Issue
Physician Leadership: A New Model for a New Generation [Feature]

A summary of leadership skills and resources. Core texts from the business field serve as references, including Daniel Goleman's work on the "Emotional Intelligence" of leaders and "Crucial Confrontations," a New York Times bestseller on managing disagreement in the workplace.

Oct 2003 Issue
Leadership Is a Learned Skill [Feature]

Family medicine has a continuing need for leadership in today's changing health care environment. This article, adapted from Dr. Robert Taylor's speech "Leadership as a Learned Skill," describes specific skills that FPs can develop to achieve their leadership potential.

Sep 2003 Issue
Why Did That Idea Flop? [Feature]

The article addresses common pitfalls that cause good ideas to fail in physician organizations and shows how physicians can be more successful in their efforts to improve their organizations.

Jul-Aug 2003 Issue
How to Make Your Meetings More Productive [Feature]

The ability to run meetings effectively does not come naturally to some physicians. With this in mind, the author provides tips for organizing and running meetings that will energize participants and make them more productive.

Jan 2003 Issue
Implementing Change: From Ideas to Reality [Feature]

How do you get your group to defy the status quo and act on good ideas? It starts with vision, teamwork, and some fire in the belly.

Jan 2003 Issue
Choosing Between Clinical Practice and Administration [Feature]

A description of how and why one family physician decided to leave clinical practice to become a full-time administrator.

Oct 2002 Issue
Escapist Medicine [Editor's Page]

Argues that no physician can "just practice medicine" in the sense of ignoring management aspects of practice

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